Breaking fast: Iftar in DC

Breaking fast in DC can prove to be more logistically challenging here than other places. We’re definitely here to make your life easier! Let us help you plan your Ramadan Iftar during this Holy Month. Be sure to check back often, as we will continue to add recipe inspiration and feature chefs who have Ramadan menus available. 

Iftar Recipes

Lacking cooking inspiration? We’ll continue to add recipe inspiration each week. 

Ramadan Feast: 6 Sensational Soups

For a fasting body, starting your Iftar meal with a bowl of soup is extremely beneficial. Yes, it’s tradition to have a soup dish at Iftar, but why do we have to eat it on hot summer days? A warm bowl of soup can help soothe your stomach and prepare it for digestion after a long day of fasting. See the recipes here

Lemon Lentil Greens Soup

Lemon Lentil Greens Soup

Ramadan Feast: Side Salads

Perfect for a warm summer night, these side salads are full of nutritious and healthy ingredients to boost your energy after a long day of fasting. See the recipes here.

Beetroot and Feta Cheese Salad

Beetroot and Feta Cheese Salad

Ramadan Feast: Date Recipes

Chocolate Date Balls

Chocolate Date Balls

Coming Soon– Must-try Suhoor Recipes

Lemon Ricotta Toast

Lemon Ricotta Toast

Featured Ramadan Chef in DC: Chef Ayah

Ramadan Chef


Chef Ayah has an Iftar menu on her profile for YOU DC! She specializes in American, French, and Middle Eastern food–to name a few. A peek at her Iftar menu can be found below.



Course 1: Soup

– Asparagus Soup with herbs yogurt OR
– Carrot Soup
– Harrira (Tomato Base) Soup
– Cream of Chicken Soup
– Lentil Soup

Course 2: Salad

– Yogurt Salad (with Rice)
– Mixed Green Salad
– Fatoush
– Baba Ghanoush
– Tabouleh

Course 3: Rice

– Saffron Rice with Green beans and chicken
– Rice with mixed nuts and chicken liver

Course 4: Protein

– Kofta with dried cranberry sauce
– Baked Chicken
– Eggplant, minced meat and tomatoes

Course 5: Dessert

Iftar can’t end without DESSERT!

– Om Ali (Bread Pudding)
– Sticky Date Cake
– Basbousa (Semolina Cake)

We have plenty of talented private chefs in DC with a plethora of specialties. Be sure to check out Chef Ayah’s other menus as well as our other chefs. All of our chefs would be happy to assist you in streamlining your Iftar meals. 

Not in DC? We have other chefs available in our other cities as well. Take a look at our Ramadan page here.