Bringing us together: Our Dads and Food

Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.

-Alan D. Wolfelt

We thought we’d share a few of our food memories that we have with our dads. 

Ice cream

I used to call my dad the “King/Lord of Icecream”, because he used to get me some behind my mother’s back when I was young.

-Ghida, Community Manager



One of my earliest memories staying home with my dad was that he decided it would be fun to entertain me by baking cookies together. My mom came home to several sehet trays of cookies that had compeltely morphed together!

-Megumi, Community Manager


Every Friday (his only day off), while we were growing up, dad used to make us breakfast and call it “his special continental breakfast” which was basically an omelette with lots of veggies! It was delicious and he was always proud of it and made sure to wake us up so we could eat it.

-Rawan, Community Manager


When I was younger and lived in Abu Dhabi, my dad would take me at night on my bike to this park called “Tourists Club”. It had a lot of games for kids and I would spend hours playing on them and biking. After I was done we would always go to their famous restaurant (I think it was called Tatata), and have Tata pizza.

-Reine, Marketing Associate


I used to love ketchup and my mum wouldn’t let me have it much, so when my mum was out one day, my father and I made ketchup sandwiches.

-Rosie, Community Manager

So there we have it! Dads, we love you more than ice cream, cookies, omelettes, pizza, ketchup and more! Is your dad your superhero? Treat him to a special dining experience with one of our many talented private chefs