British Museum of Food Opening in London

A museum for food will be opening in London on 23rd October, set up by Bompas and Parr.  They are a pair that are often compared to Willy Wonka with their genius creations, such as the London’s skyline made from jelly.  We can’t wait for the museum to open up, we think it’s about time that food was celebrated, especially by being showcased in a museum.  We’ll be at the front of the queue when it opens its doors.

The pair have the same idea as us as to why they are setting up the museum, Sam Bompas, 32, said:

The best museums entertain and inspire, and also educate. We want to achieve that within the realm of food. Food now in the UK is the zeitgeist

Inside the museum will be an exhibit of the journey of food within the stomach, a taste experience of chocolate enhanced by sound, an archive of British menus and many more.  We can’t wait until it opens its doors!  

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