British Street Food Festival

Don’t miss out on the British Street Food Festival in London this weekend, 5-6 December. The festival will take place inside the O2 in North Greenwich.

The British Street Food Festival will comprise trucks, vans and trailers from all over the UK to bring you the best street food can offer. Going beyond the food experience, you can also enjoy other perks of the likes of live music, tastings and golf.
This will be the last street food festival related to the inauguration of the British Street Food Festival so make sure to join the event and indulge in the finest food. The music will be curated by Universal Music and you will have a chance to participate in tasting sessions from Sharp’s Brewery.
The festival will definitely be the pinnacle of this weekend, and we couldn’t recommend you more on how to spend these two days. Get your tickets here and share with us your experience from the festival.