Catering for Small Parties: The Ultimate List of Questions to Ask Your Private Chef

Hosting a small party can be stressful. But, nowadays, catering is the way to go. Trends have changed and so has our behavior as consumers. We value culinary experiences, good conversations with friends, being in control of what goes into our bodies. How many of us love cooking or enjoy hosting, or love to be invited over for friends’ gatherings? We’re sure that about 90% of us fit those criteria, but no one likes that hassle of doing the cooking or even knowing that our friend has been in the kitchen the whole day. What’s the solution then? It’s catering! Indeed, catering for small parties is the answer.


You may think that catering for small parties is expensive and lacks creativity and character. In the past, we wouldn’t have argued with you. However, we came up with a great solution for this! We’ve changed the way people view catering by allowing the foodies to decide on what exactly they want and by having the food made by our excellent Private Chefs. Forget about ordering take-out or pizza, and get a tailored menu specifically for your party!

Catering for parties at home is even better than going out to a restaurant because you know that your food will be warm, right on time and there is no wasting of delicious leftovers! Let’s learn more about the steps of getting catering for small parties with ChefXChange and the questions that you may have.

catering for small parties

Catering for Small Parties: The Ultimate List of Questions to Ask Your Private Chef

1- What is the smallest number of people you do catering for?

You may be wondering about the significance of such an inquiry. The answer will provide an understanding of the chef’s efficiency and the exclusivity of the experience he/she provides. Depending on the number of guests at your party, you will be able to determine whether the chef can manage or not. With ChefXChange, you can get your food catered and delivered to you even if you were only two people. Our goal is to make sure that every foodie has an exclusive culinary experience. Thus, if foodies prefer a private setting, we can assure that too. Our chefs are also ready to cater for medium sized and bigger events. However, some chefs prefer to cater only for larger events. We recommend reaching out to multiple private chefs in order to check which one would be able to do the catering for parties at home for a smaller number of people.

Catering for small parties

2- Considering my party budget and guest count, what catering menu choices or food would you recommend?

When catering for small parties, the menu options should be discussed with the chefs. Once you provide your budget, guest count, and dietary restrictions, the chef will be able to make a creative tailored menu to satisfy all palates and dietary requirements. It is important to know the compatibility between the chef’s expertise, menu options, and your budget. This will give you a clearer background when you choose a chef. Don’t worry, our private chefs will recommend the best menu for your party based on your outlined preferences, requirements, and budget.

Catering for small parties

3- Do you specialize in certain cuisines?

One of the golden questions! Asking for the chef’s specialty is vital. Food is all about taste and preference, and you might prefer a specific cuisine over another. However, the process might sound extensive, right? Well quite the contrary! On ChefXChange, you can search by experience and cuisine. Once you’ve done your initial search based on experience, city, and date, you can add more filters to your search. Are your friends vegetarian? Pare down your search results by chefs who specialize in vegetarian food and you’ll be set-up with a delicious vegetarian meal! The platform harbors 40 cuisines; the options are endless!


Catering for small parties

4- Can you create a customized catering menu for our small party or event?

No matter the cuisine, party food is different. The dominant style is finger food, which aligns with the social nature of the event. Unless it is a seated party, guests are more likely to eat while talking and walking around. Hence, as we mentioned before, the first thing to do is discuss your culinary vision with your chef. Tell your chef or ChefXChange community manager what you have in mind, and we’ll work together to execute your vision. We can customize your menu depending on your taste, guests’ dietary restrictions, and the desired experience.

catering for small parties

5- Will the food be prepared on-site or be brought in already prepared?

You want to know where the chef will be cooking the food. For some, the entire purpose of choosing catering for their small parties is to limit the hassle. However, for others, cooking on site is a way of providing their guests with an exquisite experience. It will be a one of a kind party! Such an inquiry will make the chef selection process more efficient.

Of course, both options are offered on our platform. And it all depends on you, the foodie! If you’d like to have the private chef come to your house and learn the tricks of the trade from him/her while watching him do his magic, you can ask him/her to prepare the food on-site, or select the chefs who provide such experiences. Actually, this is the most favorable option as you would be able to have an unparalleled culinary experience. But if you’d like your kitchen to stay spotless and/or if you have a small kitchen, you can ask your chef to drop it off to your place or you can pick it up if you prefer. Our main goal is to make sure that catering for your party is being done smoothly and as you prefer.

Catering for Small parties

6-When would I need to finalize the catering menu?

Planning planning planning! You have a timeline that needs to be followed. Also, the earlier, the better! You’ll have your party logistics figured out ahead of time. And, when the time comes, all you have to do is enjoy it! We suggest that you reach out to our private chefs at least one week in advance in order to have all the details and the menu created for you. All event details should be finalized and booking should be paid for at least three days in advance.

Catering for small parties

7-What time will you and your staff arrive at the site?

Inquiring about the delivery time will open the discussion with the chef on his/her availability.It all depends on you, you should let your private chef know what time you’d like the food to be served. And he/she will let you know when they’d need to arrive at the site.

Chef making food

8-Do you need any specific food processing equipment?

When you sign-up for a foodie profile, you’re prompted to describe your kitchen. This way, the chef knows what it’s equipped with. If you don’t have much in your kitchen, the chef will bring what he/she needs. As a general rule, for catering, the chef brings the food prepared and very little (if anything) will be done on-site. 

9-How do you charge for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages? Per consumption or per person?

This will make a huge difference if you are hosting a small party. Or if you’re trying to stick to a certain budget. All you need to do is  discuss this with your chef. Generally, the pricing would be per person or a set price. Also, it’s easy to pre-determine how much alcohol you need for the party yourself! And you’ll have an idea even before talking about it with your private chef.

10- Can we provide the alcohol and you provide the bar labour?

Acquiring more details about alcoholic beverages will give you a clearer image of your budget allocation. Also, you might enjoy shopping for alcohol yourself. So, it would be really helpful to discuss that with your private chef. With our private chefs, you can provide your own alcohol! You can communicate that with your chef and they will bring a bartender with them at a set rate.

Catering for small parties
We hope that this Q&A will make it easier for you when deciding to do catering for your small party, and remember that with ChefXChange we always strive to make every culinary experience memorable! 

Keep in mind, the options for a party theme are endless! Our private chefs can prepare exquisite menus for your Hen Party, Bachelorette party, or even for a special breakfast with your loved ones!

If you’re not sure what to do, just ask! Your Community Manager in your respective city is your go-to resource for your upcoming culinary experience. Search for a Caterer now!

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