ChefXChange Catering Services In Beirut: Prices, Reviews And Special Offer

Now that the beautiful days are here, it is time to gather more often with your friends and family. And the best way to do it is around FOOD! So to help you plan your next gathering and make it a success, we came out with these best catering services in Beirut!

ChefXChange Catering Services In Beirut: Prices, Reviews And Special Offer

Having good food to serve to your guests is the key to making your event memorable. The Caterers we are talking about in this post are experienced and know which food will bring your people together. If it is your first time and you really have no idea about the type of food or the quantity to choose, our caterers will guide you all the way through and if on the contrary you exactly know what you want, they will tailor the menu to your needs. Thus, in all cases, the food will be delicious and perfect for your event!

ChefXChange Catering Services in Beirut: Prices, Reviews, and Special Offer

ChefXChange Catering Services in Beirut with Chef Nada

Salad Catering Services

  • Cashews and curry leaves (snacks)

  • Fish Arnabieh

  • Warak Enab & Stuffed Onions

  • Artichoke & Fava Beans Salad

  • Eggplant with Rocca

  • Naqhat Appetizers

  • Naqhat Finger Food

  • Ceviche

  • Iranian Pollo Adass

  • Pudding Mango

  • Mini Lamb Leg with mashed potatoes and many more items!

Chef Nada is a real queen when creating healthy and earthy tidbits. She is specialized in mixing cashews, herbs and fresh edible curry leave for the happiness of all people. Her creations and catering services are very convenient for any party, from a simple welcoming drink to a birthday dinner passing by a wedding reception! Moreover, her creations are served in paper cones, which make a great experience for your guests.

You can enjoy Chef Nada’s cashews for $50 per kilo and other of her delicious catering services starting from $11.

ChefXChange Catering Services in Beirut with Chef Sleiman

Catering Services Chef Sleiman

Catering with a lot of love in the food!

  • Noodles & Vegetables

  • Shrimps & Avocado

  • Four Cheese Quiche

  • Paella

  • Salmon Cake

  • Chicken and Vegetables

  • Sushi & Maki Selection

  • Tacos

  • BBQ and many more items!

After our Cashew Queen Nada, meet our Catering King Sleiman.

Chef Sleiman puts a lot of love in his food and you can see this love mirrors in the people who eat his food. Whether you are planning a big event or just a simple dinner, you can count on Chef Sleiman to make it magical with his exquisite cuisine. Just tell him what you have in mind and he will make it in an even better way.

Chef Sleiman serves different types of food and specializes in international and Lebanese cuisines. You can order his catering services and items directly from our platform ChefXChange starting $80 for a plate for 8 persons.

Paella Chef Sleiman

Shrimps & Avocado Chef Sleiman

Four Cheese Quiche

Chicken Quesadillas

ChefXChange Catering Services in Beirut with Triple K Catering

  • Christening Cake

  • Special Occasions Cakes

  • Birthday Cakes

  • Mini Bagels

  • International Sweets

  • International Bites

  • Oriental Bites

  • Plat du Jour

Triple K Catering is our very first catering company approved on our platform and we love it! Their catering is just amazing; they make luxurious food affordable to everyone, enabling you to offer your child a christening cake that you see only in movies. And the taste is as delicious as the design is beautiful! Moreover, they guide you in all your choices and can also provide you with equipment!

Their catering selection starts at $10

Cake Catering

Catering Triple K

Lebanese catering Triple K

Catering Services in Beirut with Chef Charles

  • Pastrami Rolls

  • Salmon tartar

  • Eggplant Moutabal

  • Vine leaves

  • Hummus with veal

  • Chicken Caesar salad

  • Shrimp mango chutney and much more to order!

The Catering of Chef Charles is inspired from traditional Lebanese cuisines yet its design is really unconventional. The presentation of each dish of Chef Charles is so marvelous that you feel like eating everything even if it includes some ingredients that you wouldn’t try on another occasion. If you are looking to impress your guest, then, don’t hesitate any longer and order some catering items from Chef Charles. After eating at an event catered by chef Charles, people talk about the food for a long time.

The Catering Selection of Chef Charles starts at $30 for 1 kilo of Wine Leaves!

Pastrami Catering

Hummus with veal Catering

ChefXChange Reviews

You can get an idea about our Chefs and services by going on our website.
We ask our foodies to leave a review after each event in order for you to picture a culinary experience with ChefXChange.
Reading reviews can really help you in choosing the perfect chef and service for your next event as Foodies are required to grade the Chefs on the most important characteristics of an event: Communication, Interaction, Organization, Overall, Cleanliness and Quality.
Following are examples of reviews left on our website, catch a glimpse!

ChefXChange Reviews

ChefXChange Reviews

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