ChefXChange Catering Services In London: Prices, Reviews And Special Offer

Are you hosting an event and you have no idea how to start? It is easier than you think especially if you decide to hire a Caterer to cook for your big day. We have 5 exquisite catering services in London that you should know about when you plan a party!

ChefXChange Catering Services In London: Prices, Reviews And Special Offer

In the summer heat, it is a great idea to serve something cold in smaller bites to your guests. That is one of the reasons why canapes are the best idea. It is your choice whether you would like to serve only cold canapes or hot, or a mix of the two. A little bit of variety will definitely add some extra points in your guests’ eyes. 

ChefXChange Catering Services In London: Prices, Reviews, And Special Offer

Canapes with Chef Easwaran


  • Seafood Canapes: tuna tartar, salmon mousse, smoked salmon croquette, salmon blini, tempura prawn

  • Meat canapes: chicken satay, chicken goujons, spicy chicken wings, chicken salad, lamb kebabs, shepherds pie

  • Vegetable canapes: aubergine role, tempura vegetables, cheese croquettes, risotto balls, Creole potato

This lovely canapes menu by our Chef Easwaran offers a wide variety of different flavors. If you do not know what sort of food your guests like, this is going to be a great choice, as everyone will find something suitable for themselves. Pick and choose from seafood, meat and vegetable canapes. This lovely menu can be served for up to 50 people and will cost you around 40 GBP per person. 

Canapes Menu with Chef Yann

Canapes Oyster canape Flower lolipop

  • Cold Canapes: Foie Gras, Fig and Cabernet Chutney on Toasted Brioche; Mackerel Patés with Cucumber, Pickled Shallots on Toasted Rye Bread

  • Hot Canapes: Deep Fried Oyster, Papaya Pok Pok and Sesame Emulsion; Slow Roasted Beef Filet, Sweet Potato Rosti and Salsa Verde

  • Sweet Canapes: Mini Trio Chocolate Brownie; British Strawberry and Lavender Tartlet with Chiboust Cream

An absolutely beautiful and luxurious canape menu from our Chef Yann. This premium canapes menu will be a great choice if you are hosting a really important business guest or simply if you want to treat your guests to an amazing and surprising culinary experience. This stylish menu can be served for up to 50 people for 40 GBP per person.

Custom buffet with Chef Federico

Liquid Caprese salad Roasted and flavored anchoviesSalty Muffins Shrimps bucket

  • Liquid Caprese salad

  • Roasted and flavored anchovies

  • Salty Muffins

  • Shrimps bucket

This amazing menu that combines light ingredients is perfect for summer evenings. The seafood based dishes will be full of flavor and served in a convenient way. Enjoy a new take on a classic Caprese salad in a liquid form. This delicious menu can be ordered for a party of 35. It will cost you 60 GBP per person.

Italian Catering with Chef Rossana

Aubergines Parmigiana Arancini Pizza

  • Aubergines Parmigiana

  • Arancini

  • Sfincione pizza

Time for a real Italian feast. Despite being one of our catering services in London, with Chef Rossana you will feel like you have travelled to the Naples and tried traditional southern Italian cuisine. The dishes will not only make your guests nostalgic about the summer in the beautiful Italia but also happy and full! Chef Rossana can cook for a party of 30 people for around 15 GBP per person.

Brazilian flavors with Chef Ana

Moqueca of fish & prawns Xinxim of chicken Feijoada

  • Moqueca of fish & prawns

  • Xinxim of chicken

  • Bobó of prawns

  • Feijoada

An amazing take on a get-together with a Brazilian feel. Chef Ana knows all the ins and outs of this fabulous cuisine. If you are up for a great culinary experience with fresh seafood and tropical flavours, this is the way to go. Enjoy this menu in a smaller company. This unique experience will cost you around 50 GBP per person.  

ChefXChange Reviews

You do not have to take our words for granted. Check out what foodies like you said about their experience with ChefXChange. All of our Chefs are unique that is why to find the best match for your needs you should have a look at their profile and see what others thought about their cooking. For catering services in London, you can use the search tool to see only Chefs who offer such and reviews of their gorgeous food!

chefexchange reviews

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