Chef Greg Malouf amazes guests with his creations!

On Saturday, July 23, guests had the unique opportunity of being hosted by celebrated Chef Greg Malouf for an exclusive private dinner in our creative space.

During dinner, gastronomes discovered new recipes for old-fashioned Lebanese dishes. Chef Greg Malouf is renowned for his innovative, modern take on traditional Middle Eastern dishes. He has undoubtedly transformed the way people understand and enjoy Lebanese food – just ask our guests!


Menu of Chef Greg Malouf at ChefXChange

Menu created by Chef Greg


In an intimate setting, Malouf’s guests got to witness him in action, cooking up a storm in the kitchen and creating delicious wonders. The menu consisted of his signature dishes which paired with Chateau Qanafar‘s exquisite wine. It included the famous Malouf’s Umm‘sahkan, Organic salmon Kibbeh Nayee, Quail and much more.


Qanafar Wine

Chateau Qanafar 2011


Greg was born in Melbourne, Australia of Lebanese parents and after serving his formal apprenticeship in several of Melbourne’s finest restaurants, he went on to work in France, Italy, Austria and Hong Kong. Malouf has also authored seven award-winning books. Lucky guests were offered free copies of his latest release.


Chef Greg Malouf's latest release

Chef Greg Malouf’s latest release


Early in his career, he “campaigned to put Middle Eastern food, particularly Lebanese food, on a platform. I wanted to cook Middle Eastern food expressed in the best Western style”. 


Chef Greg Malouf's Lamb

Chef Greg Malouf’s Lamb


Renowned Australian Chef Alla Wolf-Tasker believes that Greg was the “instigator of Middle Eastern cuisine in Australia”, expanding its refined palate and contributing to its epicurean memoir.

For recipes from Chef Greg, make sure to check his website or better yet, buy his book! Make sure you stay up to date with our latest events. Visit our website!