Chef In The House

Last week, ChefXChange was featured in the newly re-designed Hospitality Business Middle East May 2015 edition, and needless to say the team was hyped and thankful for the feature.

And who else than our lovely Foodiva to experience ChefXChange in the comfort of her home to celebrate Greek Easter with her family and friends. With her parents and sister in town, and with her half-Cypriot heritage, Chef Ilias, Head Chef of Dubai’s leading Greek restaurant Elia, was a natural choice. With eight guests – some with dietary requirements – and a domestic kitchen to cook in, Chef Ilias came up with a six course dinner that was a modern interpretation of dishes associated with Easter in Greece.

White bean soup, bastourma (spicy, air-dried, cured beef), fennel crumble, orange essence

Octopus, fava bean puree, lemon confit, aromatic vinaigrette

Sea bass, kale, taramosalata, shrimp kateifi, black sesame, sweet garlic, seafood broth

Aromatic green salad, mizithra sheep’s cheese, apple sorbet, homemade oxymeli (honey vinegar)

Lamb chops, light tzatziki, mint, tomato confit, lemon essence, smoked potato

Sweet kateifi, pistachios, walnuts, mastic ice cream

“Through ChefXChange, the communication with the host is made easy, as long as you know how to use a laptop or PC. However, I’d like to see some options where the Chef and the host can check things like kitchen equipment, crockery, and so on” said Chef Ilias

We heard you Chef Ilias, and we are pleased to inform our Community that since then we have added a functionality on the website that permits our Foodies to describe their kitchen by simply clicking on all the item logos they own, and this will automatically be shown to the Chefs they message. Additionally the website is being optimized for being mobile friendly and we anticipate a CXC mobile app launch by Q1 2016.

“If I did not have to dine out so often because of Foodiva, I would use the service regularly, especially as the price per guest is very reasonable” said Foodiva

We can’t agree enough that the ChefXChange concept is a much-needed and long overdue one for Dubai and looking forward to delivering more of these Culinary Experiences in the homes of our Foodie Community. Do you entertain at home? Have you ever hired, or would you hire a chef? We would love to hear your thoughts

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