Chef Khalid delivers Spring & Freshness in London…

On a rainy Saturday night in London, 7 lucky guests and their hosts, got transported to the far away sunny shores of Morocco. Gordon and Eleni, a power and busy couple working in the City, could not think of a better way to spend their Saturday night, than by hosting their friends in the comfort of their home and book a private chef through ChefXChange London. 

“When both of you work longer than 12 hours days, all that we can think of when home is relax on the couch and prepare a quick ready made meal or a salad” said Gordon

For that week end, they had decided to arrange a gathering with their friends and thought of either meeting in a restaurant or hosting in their home. However each had inconveniences, from having to find a restaurant and making it there; to having to cook or cater home. That’s when Gordon’s wife Eleni remembered hearing of ChefXChange.

“A friend of mine living in Dubai had been raving about this online marketplace ChefXChange on which she found a Chef to come and cook at her home. I thought why not check it out for myself!”

In just a few clicks, they scrolled through the dozen Chefs available on the ChefXChange platform in London, and after going through the respective menus, they messaged a couple of them: 2 Italians and 1 Moroccan Chef. In just a couple days of messaging back and forth on the platform and agreeing on a menu, Eleni and Gordon decided to go ahead with Chef Khalid

“ChefXChange really makes the experience hassle free! You have access to an incredible talent pool of Chefs and you can reach out to all of them, tailoring the menus they sample on their profile to your liking, and then all that is left for you to do is pay with your credit card.”

Chef Khalid hails from Geneva’s top restaurants where he started his career working as an apprentice, he then headed to France exploring the country’s food and techniques. Khalid trained in Michelin Star restaurants such as L’asperge and Le Meurice, allowing him to gain a huge repertoire of knowledge. Looking to further enhance his culinary experience, Khalid set off to Italy where he gained high knowledge and skills in prestigious restaurants in Naples and Venice. From there, he came to London, the place he now calls home…

“Cooking privately is the perfect way to bring the restaurant experience into the guest’s home and allows a more personal one to one interaction with the chef.” says Chef Khalid

The menu chosen by the host of the party had both European, Fusion and Moroccan flavors and was composed of the following:

Pre Canapes: Kofta of lamb bites

First Course:  Paprika lightly dusted mackerel fillet, smoked aubergine, pommey mustard and cumin seeds

Second Course: Loin of welsh lamb Marrakshi style, braised shoulder terrine, fricassee of broad bean and ras el hanout petit jus.

Third Course: Carpaccio of spiced pineapple and toasted nuts, coconut and lime parfait

Chef Khalid and his sous chef showed up at the host place an hour and a half ahead of serving time, with all their equipment and freshly bought ingredients from their suppliers. They immediately got a feel of the kitchen space and surroundings and started the preps. The host Gordon had chosen a selection of wines to pair with each courses.

Guests started arriving at 7:30pm sharp and pre canapes were served in the living room and accompanied by champagne. Conversation was flowing and some of the curious guests went to peek in the kitchen to watch the magic symphony of the Chefs at work.

By 8:30pm the hosts and guests made their way to the dining room and sat at the dining table ready to indulge in that unique culinary experience. Needless to say all guests where mesmerized, and during the next couple of hours, amongst the conversations and flowing wines, the distinct noise of cutlery cleaning up the plates could be heard…

By the end of the dinner, Chef Khalid and his sous Chef had cleaned up the kitchen and discreetly left the host house to let them enjoy the rest of the evening in the comfort of their home.

“Chef Khalid mesmerized us with a modern cuisine with a Moroccan twist. The Welsh lamb was delicious and the pineapple carpaccio very refreshing. The plating was perfectly executed and the service was of high standard. Kitchen was also left spotless” said Eleni