Chef Maxime, a Top Chef in Dubai

Find out what made Maxime our most talented Chef. Here is the story of a Top Chef in Dubai.

Originally from the South of France–where cooking is almost a religion–Maxime has more than 15 years of experience with Michelin star restaurants in Monaco, St Tropez, London and Dubai.

You can meet Maxime at Boca in DIFC nowadays, where he is the Executive Chef. Boca was elected best European Restaurant in Dubai in 2015 by TimeOut. 


CXC: How did you become a Chef?
Maxime: I was 6 years old when I started to share my ambitions to become a Chef and a gardener at the same time, so I could grow my ingredients and cook them myself. No one from my family is into cooking nor the food industry and I have developed this taste on my own. 
CXC: Where did you work and how did you end up in Dubai?
I worked in Monaco, Nice, St Tropez, London and Dubai, learning so much from each city and tasting authentic food, sharing my passion for a Mediterranean and fusion cuisine. In Dubai, I am the Executive Chef of La Boca Restaurant, and a Private Chef with ChefXChange, being able to try new menus there and bring French or Mediterranean flavours to people’s plates. I find Dubai especially very exciting because the culinary industry is booming. 
CXC: Tell us more about French food!
I’d say French cuisine is a mix of so many regions, each one with a different tastes and products, but the French cuisine definitely shares the same passion for a good and authentic food.
CXC: Where does your cuisine and inspiration come from? 
Being from the South of France, I love using olive oil, lemon, garlic, and even seafood.  What I love most about cooking is using special and authentic ingredients in a simple cuisine: choosing the right type of flower to make a delicious bread for example. When I walk in a grocery, I always choose the ingredients that make me happy and that inspire me. It is not necessary to plan the exact produce you want to buy, but when you go to a market and see a product that inspires you, then take it. I consider my job as my passion because I love sharing the pleasures of good things with others, around a nice table in a good atmosphere. All this where in the kitchen the adrenaline and the challenges are always high. That’s what I love about being a Chef.
CXC: Some tips for a French romantic Dinner? 
  • Prepare food that you yourself love to eat

  • Try once before so you don’t end up being caught in a last minute drama

  • Add some French music on (Edith Piaf is my favourite 🙂 )

  • Simple colors of the table and the plates, bright colors preferably

  • Be generous and choose a good wine with it!

CXC: What’s Chef Maxime’s quote?
“A good dinner can be better than a good conversation.” 
CXC: What kind of Chefs inspired you?
Pascal Aussignac in London (Modern cuisine of the South West French gastronomy), Joel Robuchon (Classic French cuisine), Alain Ducasse. These guys keep inspiring me every day. But I have to say, I have also always been inspired by those small restaurants that you discover on the spot, not necessarily the most famous ones.
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