Chef Maxime: French flair to Beirut

Our collaboration with KitchenLab in Beirut has brought Peruvian, Spanish and now French cuisine to Lebanon. Chef Maxime–visiting from Dubai–graced us with his presence, leading a series of cooking classes and executing several private dinners for many eager Beirut gourmands. If you’re living in Beirut and love to cook and learn, our collaboration will fit you like a glove!

What you missed: 

Class 1

Chilled Asparagus Velouté // Sour Cream, Smoked Salmon & Salmon Caviar

ChefXchange and KitchenLab

Rib Eye Steak // Béarnaise Sauce, French Fries

ChefXchange and KitchenLab

Chocolate Mousse // Mixed Berries Jam

ChefXchange and KitchenLab

Class 2

Grilled Mackerel Fillet // Green Beans, Dill & “Beurre Blanc”

ChefXchange and KitchenLab

Roasted Lamb Rack // Artichoke Barigoule, Charred Onion, Zucchini & Olives

ChefXchange and KitchenLab

Class 3: photos forthcoming

Chicken Liver Pate // Onion & Port Marmalade

Dover Sole “Meunières” Style

Here’s a little more information on what to expect from a KitchenLab experience:

What’s the set-up like?
KitchenLab Beirut

Photo of KitchenLab facilities taken from

KitchenLab provides a professional kitchen with all of the equipment and ingredients needed for you to participate in your chosen cooking class. The kitchen has four individual work stations from which you’ll be cooking. All you have to do is show up and everything else is taken care of!

How hands on do I really get to be?
ChefXchange and KitchenLab

Chef Maxime demoing how to prepare the fish, before we all had a go at it.

I stood in on Day Two of Chef Maxime’s cooking class. Each station group learned and executed all major aspects of the cooking. For example, for the mackerel, we all learned how to debone the fish. For the lamb, we all contributed to chopping the vegetables, preparing the Barigoule and preparing the lamb. You get to try your hand at a bit of everything and definitely gain an understanding of the recipes in the process. 

Do we get to eat the food?
ChefXChange and KitchenLab

Bon Appetit! The end of cooking class #1.

Yes! At the end of the class you get to sit down with the other participants and enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Bonus: if you’re in a rush, you also have the option of take away. 

What types of food should I expect to make?

One of the great things about KitchenLab and our collaboration is that we strive to bring you international cooking lessons that you may not otherwise find easily accessible in Beirut. So far, we’ve covered Peruvian, Spanish and French cuisines. What’s next? Indian cuisine! Chef Parveen (London) is on deck! Be on the lookout for her cooking menu reveal in the coming days.

If you can’t make the classes or simply are not in Beirut, don’t worry! Take a look at all of our chefs that provide cooking classes in the comfort of your own home!