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Admit it, the District can be draining. At times, it can leave you frustrated, exhausted and more than a little jaded. Cooking for myself? No thank you. Grocery shopping? Heck no. Restaurants? Daunting. We’ve got a solution for you. We’ll be showcasing our private chefs in Washington, DC with Chef Vignettes. Get to know our chefs and give them a try! Guaranteed to combat your case of the District blues. Today, we are showcasing Private Chef Kari  from Washington DC.

A Conversation with one of our Private Chefs in Washington DC

Chef Kari is one of our private chefs in Washington, DC whose specialties include several culinary niches to suit your unique dining experience needs! She has a French culinary background, which provides a strong foundation to all of her cooking. She’s big on taking a seasonal approach to her food and pays close attention to the quality of her ingredients. Chef Kari specializes in various types of cuisine and is also experienced and skilled in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, gluten-free cuisine, and is quite knowledgeable on sustainable seafood, amongst other special dietary regimens.


private chef kari washington dc

Private Chef Kari

Below is the interview with Chef Kari on her career:

Who taught you how to cook?

Part self-taught, part grandma, part culinary school!

How did you decide you wanted to pursue a career as a chef?

I previously worked in biomedical research for 7 years and wanted a change.  I had always been really into trying new recipes, reading culinary magazines, and shopping at farmers markets during that time.  So I finally made the decision to pursue a chef career and started culinary school.

What education have you had?

I have a B.S. in Biology from the University of Dayton, and an Associates in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu.

Where was your first job as a chef, what was it like and how did you get it?

My first real job was working at Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, GA.  I loved it because it offered a lot of different opportunities.  I worked mornings prepping, evenings on the line, brunches for 300-400 people and small catering events.

What things have helped you with your chef career?

Well, working at a 2 Michelin star restaurant really helped me in understanding fine dining, organization, how to work in a stressful environment, and working with some really outstanding products.  Networking with other female chefs through organizations such as WCR has been invaluable as well.

How hard was it to break into the chef job market?

I started out with several internships and my experience in Switzerland helped quite a bit.  I left the restaurant scene pretty early though and started my own personal chef business which has been very rewarding and challenging.

How hard was it to get into chef school?

Getting into chef school was pretty easy; just a lot of paper work!

What is the best advice you’ve received in your career and who it was from?

A friend once told me to “keep exploring your options, there is no right or wrong as long as you enjoy what you do”.

Looking for a private chef in Washington, DC? To capitalize on Chef Kari and her vast experience, take a look at her full ChefXchange profile here to learn more about her inspiration and book her for your next event.

Be on the look out for more Chef Vignettes! We’ll continue to feature our DC area chefs in the coming months. Next up, Chef Danny!