ChefXChange Catering Services In Dubai: Prices, Reviews And Special Offer

If you are looking to host a catering event in Dubai, this blog will inspire you with beautiful menus and help you select the perfect chef! Let us tell you about catering services in Dubai with different types of culinary experiences, the range of prices as well as reviews and a special offer for the end!ChefXChange Catering Services In Dubai: Prices, Reviews And Special Offer

ChefXChange Catering Services In Dubai: Prices, Reviews, And Special Offer

Chef Maxime – Menu Boca

Marinated Amberjack Crudo Grilled Sardine Crostini Grilled Octopus Black Rice Scallops Hanger Steak Snail Persillade Raspberry & Mascarpone

Marinated Amberjack Crudo with Citrus & Basil & Chili Oil

Arabian Gulf Amberjack, picked extra fresh from the fish market and served marinated with spices and herbs dressed with a mix of fragrant citruses and flavored extra virgin olive oils.

Grilled Sardine Crostini

Extra fresh sardines handpicked from the market, simply grilled, served with a crispy sourdough crostini with 2 sauces, one fresh pesto, and a tangy escabeche, the true essence of the Mediterranean.

Grilled Octopus & Cecina de Leon

Great Boca version of a classic Spanish Tapas, a marinated potato salad topped with braised & grilled octopus, some tomato salsa, smoked paprika and some hand sliced Spanish dry beef, Cecina de Leon.

Black Rice with Seared Scallops & Aromatic Clams

Boca’s signature dish, a tasty black rice risotto topped with amazingly sweet Hokkaido king scallops, plump Arabian Gulf clams, some flavorful bottarga and lemon zest.

Hanger Steak with Snail Persillade, Dried Tomatoes & Chard Onion

One of the most underrated cut of beef, as its name may suggest the hanger steak (a favorite of the butchers, often kept for their own dinners) is cooked medium rare for best result and served with some tender snail in parsley and garlic sauce, lightly dried tomatoes, grilled green onions, some rucola and some intense beef jus.

Raspberry & Mascarpone Creme Brulée

Another Boca signature to sweetened the deal, under a delicate caramel crust, you will find a decadent creme brulee based on Italian Mascarpone, flavored with tonka beans and a refreshing raspberry compote. A perfect end of the meal.

Transport the experience of Time Out’s awarded best European restaurant to your dinner Party, impress your guests with Chef Maxime’s selection of refined sharing creations. For this menu, count between 320-480 AED serving 4 to 30 guests.

Chefs Carlo and Roberto – Latin Buffet 

Selection of cold starters Selection of hot starters Mains Desserts


Despite being one of our catering services in Dubai, with Chefs Carlo and Roberto, you will feel like you have travelled to Peru! Here is a selection of cold and hot bites of classic dishes from South America, serve in display trays. Inquiry about the seasonal options available. Especial delights full of tasty flavors, colours and textures. They will serve from 15 to 100 people for 150-170 AED. 

Chef Andrea – Go Greek Menu

Keftedes Calamari Greek Salad Spanakopita Tzatziki Melizanosalata

Chef Andrea will bring a bit of summer to your plate with this lovely Mediterranean menu. She makes a beautiful selection of hot and cold Greek Mezze with Tzatziki and Melizanosalata on the side. Enjoy this menu in a smaller company. Usually, this menu is suitable to serve 4-20 people and will cost around 300-350 AED per person. 

Chef Amro – Healthy Buffet

Fig SaladQuinoa SaladRoasted TurkeyOats Berry Crumble

Choose a Healthy Buffet for a guilt-free and yet festive event! Chef Amro prepares a selection of 3 Salads, 4 Main course and 3 Desserts according to your preferences. Here are a few examples of some of his creations:

-Broccoli and corn with barberry salad
-Healthy red Quinoa with pumpkin, pomegranates and fresh leaves
-Figs, apple, Turkey ham and arugula lettuce
-Slow roasted turkey with its condiments
-Eggplant with vegetables topped with Greek feta cheese and baked in the oven with crunchy vegetables and soy oyster sauce
-White fish grilled with lemon butter sauce served with saffron and pistachio
-4 kinds of fresh fruits served with soy milk dips 
-Selection of wild berry baked with oats in the oven

This healthy menu is perfect for 20 to 80 people and will cost about 350-450 AED per person. 

ChefXChange Reviews 

Still not convinced? Perhaps some reviews from people using our catering services in Dubai will make up your mind…

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