ChefXChange finishes 2nd at DIGEATALL Accelerator

The team at ChefXchange recently completed the 5 weeks DIGEATALL accelerator program at the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian in Spain and is proud to let you know that it finished in 2nd place!


“Pitching in front of an investment panel composed of angel investors, venture capitalists, Michelin star Chefs, and top executives of the food industry was an enriching experience. Marc and I gave it our best” said Karl, co-Founder at ChefXChange

All of them strongly believe that ChefXchange will revolutionize the way we eat, as well as re-inventing the traditional kitchen. Chef’s are now able to let their creativity and culinary expression shine in YOUR kitchen without the constraints imposed by restaurants kitchens. In the very near future ChefXchange will be starting a collaboration with Michelin Star Chefs around the world and is looking forward to sharing the experience and insights with you all.