ChefXChange at Euromoney Conference in Lebanon

ChefXChange is proud to be a part of Lebanon startup community. This Monday our CEO, Karl Naim will have a pleasure of participating in the exciting topics talked about at the Euromoney Conference. Many interesting issues will be talked about on this gathering. Some of them touching finances and policies that determine the economic situation and future development of an extremely interesting and growing Lebanon businesses.

ChefXChange at Euromoney Conference in Lebanon

Euromoney returns to Beirut on the 15 May for its annual Euromoney Lebanon Conference.  

In the light of the appointment of the new Lebanese administration, Euromoney will examine the challenges still facing Lebanese economy and the prospects for the financial sector. 

Euromoney will also be talking to leading local and international players to analyse opportunities for scaling other sectors of the economy.

Our Co-founder and CEO, Karl Naim, will be speaking on a special panel examining how Lebanon can scale it’s ‘super-service’ economic model: Hospitality And The Super-Service Economy.

If you would like to join us on Euromoney Conference in Lebanon, then please click here to find more information. 

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