Hello dear followers and thank you for reading us! This week’s Food Aficionado is the story of a young prodigy. When this foodie from the I Generation starts talking to you, you can directly feel the passion he has for what he does.

The tagline of his Instagram account Food & Loubs, confirms how much of a passionate foodie he is.“Food deserves to be treated as red soles” is what is written in his bio. 

Meeting Fady Touma was a really pleasant moment and I hope you will enjoy reading about his journey as a food blogger. 

ChefXChange’s Food Aficionados Series #10: Food & Loubs.

When Fady started posting food pictures on Instagram, he was only in his last year of high school. He first started posting these pictures on his personal account but very quickly received very nice comments from his friends.  Because of these nice comments,  he decided to create a separate account dedicated to food.

He is now in his senior year of University at AUB. Hence, for this food aficionado, posting is only a hobby. After his studies, he would like to go towards luxury marketing. Indeed, this young man has a very good taste not only for food but also for big fashion brands too. 

We can find this second passion of his in the name of his account. Indeed, in Food and Loubs, Loubs stands for Louboutin.

According to Fady, Christian Louboutin was able to bring something incredibly amazing out of simple shoes. That is for sure, the famous red sole heels are tremendous! Fady is aiming to do the same thing with the Food, bring out the best of it and share it with Foodies all over the globe.

Here is the logo of his famous account that has 5,548 followers to date, Foodnloubs.


Inspiration & Motivation

Fady is motivated whenever he is undertaking a task that he cares about. When it comes to his account, something that really motivates him is creating competitions for his followers to win prizes. Also, he loves the fact that he gets to often meet new beautiful people. For example, thanks to his account, he met Maya Bekhazi, the lady behind Curly Q. This lady gave him the opportunity to get the experience of taking care of marketing issues. He worked on targeting students and other marketing related tasks for this very trendy bakery located in Hamra. He really loves meeting people!

Blogging is not an easy task. It is really hard because there are a lot of people blogging, who started out of passion and do it 24/7. Besides, some of the bloggers are hard to keep up with because they buy followers. However, Fady’s passion is unbreakable. The best motivation for him is when people tell him that they tried something out of his photos. Hence, the interaction between him and his followers is really what makes him a happy blogger and what motivates him. 

Below is one of the best food picture that our food aficionado has ever taken. It is a fondant au chocolat that he had at “La petite table”. He loves it because the picture is a big close up that shows the dessert from a perfect angle. He appreciates the pictures that show only the food and that don’t show any background (i.e- half of the person eating the dish in question ^^)

We asked Fady about his ‘favorites’…

Fady’s best culinary experience was in Paris, at “La Maison de la Truffe”. He was never able to find real Truffles in Beirut but in Paris, he had the chance to taste this luxurious ingredient in different shapes. He had it as Gnocci and also as fondant! From the starter to the dessert, he experienced the real taste of Truffles and it was great.

When we asked him if he had any bad food experience, he said no. He is a professional foodie who reads the reviews in order to know in advance where he is going. This is actually a very smart thing to do! Fady knows what he likes and he wouldn’t go to a restaurant that he is not sure about.

Then came the time for our “funny” question:”You’re stuck on an island and you can only choose three ingredients to use in your food! What would you pick? Any ingredients you can’t stand? “
After a quick laugh, our foodie confessed to us wishing that hopefully he will never get stuck on an island! However, in such a situation, he believes it would be important to get some energy! Hence, he would choose rice or quinoa, cheese and chocolate for the happiness!

And other details …

The ingredients he can’t stand are onions and garlic.  His mom has to do two different versions of everything every time she cooks! French cuisine is his favorite he said. Our foodie thinks it is really a simple cuisine. They use just a few ingredients but they develop it and make the best out of it. Each region uses its own ingredients and he loves how they prioritize and give value to it. It is a simple yet tasty cuisine! And to our surprise, the food he doesn’t like is Lebanese! Fady doesn’t like when there are lots of things in one meal. When there are a lot of tastes together, it creates an explosion of tastes! He likes a few Lebanese things but wouldn’t have it everyday.

On the contrary, something that didn’t surprise us coming from this young men with great taste is his favorite dessert. It is a pastry from la Duree called “Plaisir sucree ” (Crunchy hazelnut, filled with chocolate and covered with thin layers of chocolate).

We then asked him about a blogger he likes and he mentioned Jonathan Cheban. This food blogger is best friends with Kim Kardashian, he tries the food from all over the world and his blog is very elaborate.

As for his dream food destination, Fady mentioned Paris! He has already been there and would go back there because every street has different restaurants. In Paris, even in small places, the chefs are passionate. He would also like to go to Thailand to try real Thai food.

Finally, we asked him if he prefers to eat at home or outside. We had a good laugh when he told us this:”Outside because my mom would kill me if I didn’t like something and tell her !” Fady encourages all foodies to go out. According to him, the variety of choices and chefs is a new world to discover. The same dish tastes different in different places and the chefs don’t take it personally if you have remarks on the food (unlike moms :P)!

Fady on Chefs and Foodies…

What would you like to see in a chef? – “Someone who can get to do different things with the same ingredients, he needs to be creative and passionate about his job cause you get to find it in the taste of the dish.”

How would you define a true foodie? – “A true foodie is someone who can discover new places and dishes and share it with the world, he loves to discover new places and new tastes and encourages people to go try something new and create a culinary journey with his followers and they should not lie. They should be genuine and honest”


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