Sharing is caring and these words are at the very origin of plenty of innovative ideas including ChefXChange. Indeed, our Co-Founders Marc and Karl came up with our concept while hosting dinners! They were sharing their love for food with their guests when ChefXChange popped up into their minds.
Another couple who loves to share great meals are the stars of the Food Aficionados series #7: Christian & Karine.  These creators of “One Plate Two Forks” enjoy sharing the trendiest spots to eat at home and away.

ChefXChange’s Food Aficionados Series #7: One Plate Two Forks.

Christian and Karine are a couple in love with food!  Since they are always on the hunt for delicious places to eat in town, they’ve decided to share the fruits of their search through One Plate Two Forks .  This page makes it easier for their followers to be in the know.  Karine is an architect who graduated from LAU and practices her job in Beirut.  Christian, on the other hand, works in ship operations. He graduated with a BS in economics from LAU and MSc in Shipping trade and finance in London. Although they both have very busy schedules, they still find time to take care of One Plate Two Forks . They do it to give their followers what they are craving!

Being in a relationship for a long time now, they decided to name their “baby” One Plate Two Forksin order to represent two people eating from the same plate, reflecting their attachment and love.

One Plate two ForksInspiration & Motivation of Our Food Aficionados

Christian and Karine’s main goal is having fun and keeping up with all the new places and updates in their beloved city of Beirut. They love reflecting the true image of Lebanon and this also keeps them motivated.
After becoming food bloggers their culinary experience has gotten better with every single experience that they have had. Tasting different kinds of food has exposed them to different cultures and destinations.

Speaking of culinary destinations, they told us that China would be an interesting destination for them given the cuisine there is exquisite. They also recommended Zuma, a London based restaurant which is their favorite.

When we asked them about the best picture they have ever taken, they told us that they have several! However we went sneaking on their Instagram page and discovered this beautiful shot taken by them in Milano, another great food destination!

ice cream


We asked Christian and Karine about their favourites …

The couple doesn’t have one single best culinary experience to share with us, but they do like several restaurants located in Beirut. They had many enjoyable experience in places like LPM or Kampai for sushi. Another lovely experience they had was at Petit Gris, and they had an Exceptional meal at Meats and breads!!  If you are looking to create a nice memory with friends or family, you simply must try one of these places! 

Our favorite question in our Food Aficionado series is obviously the “stuck on an island” one. When we asked Christian and Karine about the three ingredients to use in their food if they were both stuck on an island, they said garlic, togarashi and oil!
Another thing we learned about these food lovers is that they cannot stand pickles, olives, truffles or truffle oil.  They love food so much that they could not pick just ONE cuisine! However, they do love plenty of desserts like pain perdu, cookie skillet with vanilla ice cream or Tiramissu.  As for their least favorite cuisine, it is Indian. 

Christian and Karine do have a favorite food blog and it is a Lebanese one called No Garlic No Onion.
To end our quick questionnaire, we asked them if they prefer eating outside or at home. They advised us that they prefer eating OUT, because there are so many options and delicious places to try!

Christian and Karine on Chefs and Foodies…

What would you like to see in a chef? – “His FOOD !

How would you define a true foodie? – “A true foodie is someone genuine.”


If you enjoyed this post you would love the rest ChefXChange’s Food Aficionado Series, so look out for the next post. For more food inspiration check out our recipe posts or have a look at what our extraordinary Private Chefs have to offer.

If you know a great food blogger, or you are a great food blogger, we’re always looking to make new friends! Introduce yourself to us and you could be featured in the Series!