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ChefXChange Food Aficionados Series #2: Taste Of Beirut  

Joumana Accad is the creator of Taste of Beirut blog, a real food aficionado! She worked in the food business as a pastry chef and was disillusioned with the reality of working in a commercial kitchen in the US. She felt like blogging would free her up to really explore her passion and share it on a global scale with a potential audience. 

To describe best what she wanted to write about she chose to call her blog Taste of Beirut.  She mentions that her inspiration remains “my experiences growing up in Beirut and on a general level, anything related to that city including its mosaic of peoples and cultures”. 

Meet Joumana Accad:

ChefXChange Food Aficionados

Inspiration & Motivation

Joumana’s first milestone was creating her blog Taste of Beirut which led her to stretch her skills in ways she couldn’t have imagined. In her blogging journey she learned public speaking (doing demos for brands and lecturing), copywriting, photography, food styling, advertising digitally, and a hosting. These are some of the skills apart from broadening her food knowledge. 

Joumana is always motivated to keep her blog up. Joumana said:” I was discouraged by the internet issues in Lebanon and for a couple of years by the bad design and coding on my blog, which I have had redone since. I am also frustrated by the demands on my time as blogging requires a lot of time and focus and I am busy with other commitments”. 

She is always happy to share food pictures, but the best food picture Joumana has ever taken was Zucchini in yogurt sauce! 

We asked Joumana about her favorites … 

The best culinary experience that Joumana considers is eating fresh tannour bread in Iraq (Erbil) straight from the oven with thick qaymar (clotted cream) and date syrup. She said: “It was so fresh and so good and so simple. I shy away from complicated meals. Eating a great manooshe made by hand with a good zaatar and a great olive oil is becoming a rare experience in Beirut and Lebanon in general and one I treasure if and when I can experience it”. Her favorite ingredients are fresh bread, olive oil, and labneh. But she can’t stand fresh shellfish!

On the other hand, her worst culinary experience was eating birds; she had been told it was a heavenly meal but she mentions: “chewing on these little bones grossed me out and I will never do it again”.

Lebanese and Persian cuisines are Joumana’s favorite. Her least favorite, on the other hand, is Icelandic cuisine. But she definitely knows her favorite dessert is  CHOCOLATE MOUSSE! 

One of her favorite food blogs and a source of inspiration is Smitten Kitchen. Her dream food destination is Paris specifically the pastries!  Her favorite restaurant is ” Farah” in Maasser Al Chouf-Lebanon. 

Joumana eats usually at home but it depends on her mood! 

Joumana on Chefs and Foodies

What would you like to see in a chef? – “Enthusiasm and energy”

How would you define a true foodie? -“Someone with a keen appreciation for food across the board, from any cuisine, and with a curiosity about the cooking process and how to achieve the best possible taste”


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