ChefXChange’s Food Aficionado Series #1: Healthy Happy Us

Welcome to the very first post of ChefXChange’s Food Aficionado Series! This series introduces you to some amazing friends of ours here at ChefXChange: food bloggers! We’ll be talking about some of our favorite food bloggers, their journey and inspirations, and (most importantly!) their favorite foods. So, let’s get on with it and start at the beginning:  Healthy Happy Us!

ChefXChange’s Food Aficionado Series #1: Healthy Happy Us!

First of all, let us introduce you the food aficionado Baraa El Sabbagh, one of the 3 co-founders of Healthy Happy Us  , nutrition and exercise center in Beirut, Lebanon as well as a health blogging page. Baraa is a co-founder, dietitian and a personal trainer at Healthy Happy Us. She studied Nutrition and Dietetics at the American University of Beirut. She went on to complete her personal trainer and sports nutritionist certificates – so she’s a very well-qualified health guru. And luckily for all of us, blogging about healthy food is her hobby. 

There is a story behind the concept’s name. As Baraa mentioned ” We believe healthy individuals are happy individuals. We try to help people find a healthy lifestyle that they can love, enjoy and feel good in. Our clients come to us with many challenges with regards to their health. Our job is to make their new journey towards a healthy lifestyle a happy and positive one.” 

ChefXChange's food aficionados series: Happy Healthy Us

Baraa El Sabbagh

Inspiration & Motivation 

Baraa and Co have created the blog Healthy Happy Us to educate the community about healthy lifestyles. She considers raising the awareness about health and nutrition to be a part of her job. As a passionate dietitian and personal trainer, food blogging comes from her daily inspirations. These include inputs from the community and upcoming trends. 

For Baraa, one of her best blogging milestones was the realization of how many she reached with her healthy recipes and tips that her page provides. In addition, she loves to take food pictures. She said: “A lesson learned from blogging, in general, is to really keep it simple. Always. Give people what they want to know in a simple way”. 

Baraa says that her motivation to keep the blog running comes from connecting with others and checking what new trends are upcoming. As she notes “As long as you keep an open mind you’ll always find the motivation to continue. Nutrition and exercise are both emerging sciences, so this keeps us motivated to share more and more.”

We asked Baraa about her ‘favorites’…

Baraa’s favorite culinary experience is trying meals without knowing what the ingredients are, and trying foods that she has never tried before. On the other hand, her worst culinary experience is eating deep fried dishes. Baraa says that, for her, the flavor of the food is lost when it is deep fried.

Her favorite ingredients are dates, peanut butter, and oats and she calls them “My life essentials!” 

When we asked Baraa what her favorite cuisine was, she said it was too hard to choose. But we don’t really blame her – it’s impossible! Luckily, Baraa knows what she likes, and Lebanese cuisine is definitely one of her favorites. Maybe surprisingly, Baraa’s favorite dessert is a chocolate FUDGE! But this just shows that when you pay attention to your choices, you can make naughty decisions sometimes! 

One of her favorite food blogs and a source of inspiration is  Her dream food destination is India because she loves the spices in Indian cuisine.  That is one of the reasons why most of her favorite restaurants serve Indian food! 

Baraa prefers to eat at home because her mom is a great cook. The dishes she makes, include lots of spices and are healthy … seems like it runs in the family!  

Baraa on Chefs and Foodies

What would you like to see in a chef?  – “PASSION “

How would you define a true foodie? – ” One that would try anything!” 

If you enjoyed this post you will love the rest ChefXChange’s Food Aficionado Series, so look out for the next post. For more food inspiration check out our recipe posts or have a look at what our extraordinary Private Chefs have to offer. If you know a great food blogger, or you are a great food blogger, we’re always looking to make new friends! Introduce yourself to us and you could be featured in the Series!