ChefXChange’s inaugural event in Geneva

[dropcap background_color=”transparent” color=”#0f0f0f” size=”400″]F[/dropcap]or its inaugural event in the city of Geneva, no less than Chef Sami from the city’€™s most acclaimed Lebanese restaurant Chez Sami,, and our co-founder Karl were in the kitchen with the mission to awe the 20+ guests with the best that Lebanese cuisine has to offer.

[blockquote_sty ver=”2″ border_size=”2px” color=”#b1a193″]When Chef Sami first heard of ChefXchange, he immediately saw the opportunity of being able to showcase his talent and his love for the food outside of the traditional restaurant kitchen.[/blockquote_sty]

For that night, local Chef Sami and Karl joined forces and delivered a masterpiece to their guests: a Lebanese buffet composed of mezzes (Lebanese tapas/starters to share) and main courses such as Daoud Basha (meat balls in a tomato sauce), Kebbeh bil sayniyeh, and traditional Lebanese rice with minced meat to name a few.

[blockquote_sty ver=”2″ border_size=”2px” color=”#b1a193″]”Being invited in the house of someone, cooking in their kitchen, transforms the experience in something deeper and more intimate. You end up being in entire communion with the unfamiliar surroundings and the guests. The usual day to day job routine halts and you get a rush out of it, not mentioning that you get the chance to share your passion with your guests without the stress that I encounter in my restaurant” said Chef Sami at the end of the evening.[/blockquote_sty]

This is what we at ChefXChange are all about, and looking forward to bringing more of these exclusive culinary experiences in our Foodies kitchens.