ChefXChange & Junkyard: a match made in heaven

Did you have a long day at work, and feel like grabbing a drink and small bites with your friends and coworkers? Do you want to relax in a laid back atmosphere with green space and delicious food, drinks and music? Junkyard is just the place!

At ChefXChange, we are always striving to provide an exclusive culinary experience and we are bringing you another exciting event! In collaboration with Junkyard, our talented chefs will be part of Junkyard’s new food truck beer garden!


The yard!

This summerJunkyard is going back to its original purpose. It was conceived to be a venue where people share a good time in a friendly atmosphere, around food and drinks. Junkyard is bringing authentic delicious street food; served and prepared in a food truck and enjoyed in a beer garden! What more can you ask for?


What’s the deal exactly?


Every week, ChefXChange will be present at Junkyard. Each week we will feature a different talented chef with a different food speciality. Additionally, once a month we will have our own ChefXChange food truck where we will be showcasing our International chefs from abroad.


When is this happening?

Starting Saturday April 30th from 6pm-12pm



Junkyard in Mar Mikhael


One of the food trucks at the yard!



The star of the Junkyard food truck beer garden launch will be our talented chef; 


Chef Karim: Specializes in Japanese Food

Chef Karim


He will be accompanied by a lineup of amazing ChefXChange Chefs that will rotate within the upcoming weeks:

Chef Elia: Specializes in Mediterranean Food

Chef Elia


Chef Joseph: Specializes in Latin American Food

Chef Joseph


Chef Dima: Specializes in Syrian FoodChef Dima


ChefXChange Food Truck!


Our very own acclaimed Chef Parveen, will come all the way from London, to make delicious Indian bites for our Beirut foodies. She will be at Junkyard Friday and Saturday May 6th and 7th in addition to Monday May 9th.



Make sure to stop by at Junkyard this summer, it will be the place to be! Don’t miss out on the delicious authentic food, drinks, music and great company. Our Chefs and Junkyard will be waiting for you!