ChefXChange and Luxury Retreat Partnership

We are proud to announce that we will now be serving Luxury Retreats guests! Luxury Retreats is a full-service villa rental company dedicated to creating memorable travel experiences for a discerning clientele in more than 100 destinations worldwide, including Lebanon, UAE, UK, Washington DC, and more. ChefXChange is pleased to be entering into a partnership with Luxury Retreats, and you can read more about what we’ll be doing together below!

ChefXChange and Luxury Retreat Partnership


Luxury Retreats is the place to find your dream holiday destination. Apart from an amazing range of beautiful villas that are just a click away, they offer a variety of services to make the precious holiday time absolutely special. 


Thanks to our partnership, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds: hire an amazing Private Chef from ChefXChange to prepare delicious meals for you while you relax in your luxurious private paradise! Just imagine the possibilities – you’ve treated yourself to a trip to paradise, and then your ChefXChange Private Chef shows up so you can taste paradise, too. Luxury Dining on a Luxury Retreat. Luxurious.