Christmas Dinner Party Ideas: 5 Best Santa Approved Dinner Menus

Here comes the season for presents, mistletoe, and the ever-stressful planning and prepping for your holiday meal. Avoid the yearly dinner drama with these carefully cultivated holiday menus. Get one of our Private Chefs to cook for you one of these 5 delicious Santa approved menus for your Christmas dinner party! Ho, ho, ho…

Christmas Dinner Party Ideas: 5 Best Santa Approved Dinner Menus

Christmas dinner party ideas: 5 best Santa approved dinner menus

1. Chef Luciano – London

luciano xmas

Chef Luciano will please your eyes and your tummies with a delicious and comforting Christmas dinner…Because sometimes traditional is the most satisfying option of all

  • Traditional British Christmas Dinner

  • Roast of Turkey with Cranberry sauce and gravy served with roast potatoes and parsnips and other vegetables.

  • Christmas Pudding Sundae with Clementine, Brandy Foam & Nut Praline

For this menu, you’ll have to count around £100 to £150 per guests.

2. Chef Marta – Dubai

xmas dinner

Starting with an amazing selection of Christmas canapés :

  • Prawn cocktail mini tartlets

  • Smoked salmon roll

  • Goat’s cheese and caramelized onion mini tartlets

  • Smoked duck and orange sauce crunchy bites

After these lovely appetizers, it’s time for the main! Enjoy a whole roasted turkey served with a pumpkin and beef bacon stuffing and gravy on the side.

You can choose two of the following side dishes:

  • Stir-fried Brussel sprouts Asian style

  • Glazed root vegetables

  • Roasted red bell pepper and pomegranate salad

  • Braised cabbage and apple Spanish style

  • Potato gratin

  • Roasted baby potatoes and thyme

To finish, you’ll probably struggle to make up your mind and choose one of these super yummy desserts:

  • Christmas log

  • Christmas pudding

  • Mince pies

  • Mixed berry pavlovas

Chef Marta will charge around 250 AED per guest for this menu.

3. Chef Yann – London


Why not go fancy with Chef Yann’s French four courses menu? It’s Christmas after all…

After a few amuse bouches, you will enjoy the Chef’s beautiful starter of Sea Bass Tartare, Dill and Caviar.

As for the main, you will be able to choose between Roasted Duck Breast, Braised Cabbage, Truffle Mash, Confit Duck Leg, Cranberry and Clementine Sauce OR a Pan Fried Monkfish, Parma Ham, Braised Puy Lentils, Caramelised Carrot Puré and Jus…With that will be served some roasted potatoes and vegetables on the side.

And for the dessert; his famous pear Tatin and pain d’épices with ice cream

Finally, have a coffee to digest this great meal and some mince pies (just because you don’t need to be hungry for that…)

To get the chef to cook this menu in your home, count around £40 per person. Remember all prices are negotiable, especially depending on the number of guests attending your party.

4. Chef Mohammed – Beirut

xmas yann

Chef Mohammed makes lovely plates which, as you can see above, are the real pleasure for the eyes!

He will amaze your taste buds with his snails with garlic butter for starters.

The festivities will be followed by a turkey breast served with sweet potato & carrot emulsion on red wine, raspberry, and poached pears.

Let’s not forget about one of the Christmas superstars! The Chef’s Foie gras mousse with orange reduction is a real delight!

His main dish is composed of sea scallops rolled with bacon & homemade fruit compote. Need I say more?

5. Chef Philip – London

How about trying something totally different this Christmas? Chef Philip Juma will surprise you with his special Iraqi themed Christmas dinner…We assure you won’t be disappointed!


  • Mini falafel with tahini.

  • Mini Iraqi kebabs with sumac onions and garlic aioli.

  • Knafa cones


Kubba Hamuth – Lamb dumplings slow cooked in a tomato sauce cooked with turnips and garnished with a lemon-mint oil


  • Dolma – Onion shells, baby peppers, and vine leaves stuffed with lamb mince and rice – slow cooked in lemon, pomegranate, and garlic.

  • Quozi – 1/2 a lamb slow cooked in cardamom, saffron, and other spices.


Knafa – Baked cream and cheese tart topped with shredded filo pastry.

The budget per person for this lovely meal is around £90. Message the chef directly for more information!


We hope all these Santa approved Christmas dinners have inspired you and made you feel as festive as I am, after writing this blog…

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