5 Best Cold Finger Buffet Food Ideas For Your Buffet Party

A buffet party is a great idea for a relaxed afternoon get-together as well as an easy way to host a business gathering. Finger foods are easy to eat while people mingle that is why it is an ideal choice for a networking event as well. We found 5 great menus for cold finger buffet that will be ideal for any occasion.cold buffet food

If you are new in organizing events, you may want to think about few thins in advance. First of all, a number of people that you will expect. That will determine all the further planning. If you know how many people you will be hosting, the rest is easy.

Find a venue – if you are organising an office networking event perhaps a conference room or a foyer will be appropriate. Next thing to remember is to hire a caterer that can feed your guests with some wonderful finger food feast. The caterer will offer you a great array of dishes but you can always ask for specific canapes or bites that you want to serve. 

5 Best Cold Finger Buffet Food Ideas For Your Buffet Party

Vegetarian cold finger food

It is always a great idea to serve a variety of different foods including vegetarian bites. Serving veggie based dishes will save you an embarrassment of not having any food for guests with allergies and food intolerances. 

 caprese bitessnadwitchantipasti

Cheesy cold finger food

Cheese is awesome! That is why you can be sure that if you serve that cheesy snack on your event, every single last bite will be gone at the end of the evening. Those mouth watering cold finger buffet ideas are a perfect balance of sweet and savory, crispy and creamy. Simply delicious.


Sweet cold finger food

You should not forget about few dessert options on your tray. It is always good to have some sweets for all of those of the event attendees that have a sweet tooth. A lovely option in the finger food assortment is to create a shot desserts. They look amazing and are the best size not to get oversugared. 

cupcakes dessert

  • Peach and cream mini cupcakes
  • Mini pannacotta with raspberry mousse
  • Tiramisu spoons
  • Mason jar lemon meringue pies
  • Chocolate covered strawberries

Seafood cold finger food

You may think that cold seafood may not be the best idea, but there are some exquisite options of dishes that you can serve. Seafood based foods can be more interesting to some of your guests, especially if they want to have more lean food. Some of the other finger food options can be quite heavy therefore seafood will give you a nice variety. 

shrimp seafood snack

Meaty cold finger food

Some of those meat-based bites are well-known combinations that people will gladly reach for and some may surprise you with their flavors. Having classics such as prosciutto and melon next to more casual food like sweet potato and guacamole will be a great balance.

meaty snacksmelon

  • Roast beef with horseradish on baked beetroot slices
  • Prosciutto and melon skewers
  • Chicken salad tartlets
  • Cesar salad parmesan cups
  • Sweet potato, guacamole and bacon bites

If you need more inspiration on buffet and catering foods to serve at your next party have a look at our article on 10 Best Summer Garden Party Catering Menu Ideas. If you are looking for a reliable and talented caterer for your next gathering have a look at our amazing Private Chef