5 Best Cold Fork Buffet Food Ideas For Your Next Buffet Party

In our last post, we had a look at some of the options for a hot fork buffet, but for those of you who want a more relaxed atmosphere, and less trouble with logistics, a cold fork buffet is a great idea. We have prepared 5 ideas of what kinds of delicious food you can serve at your next buffet party.

5 Best Cold Fork Buffet Food Ideas For Your Next Buffet Party

When should you choose a cold buffet over a hot one? It is by far a better solution for parties where there are a lot mingling and movement involved. Cold foods are often served in bite sizes which eliminate the need of tables, seats, and cutlery. It may also be a good idea to choose a cold fork buffet for a party in the summer. Your guest will thank you if they don’t have to sweat over a stew on a scorching day and will far more enjoy the lighter, cold dishes.

One more important thing, when you’re planning a buffet party are drinks. If you want to be a bit extravagant you can hire a bartender and serve your guests all the amazing cocktails. For a more, everyday party, grab a bucket of ice and make sure you have few different beers, ciders, and wines on the table for everyone to enjoy their favourite drink. 

5 Best Cold Fork Buffet Food Ideas For Your Next Buffet Party


First on our list of cold fork buffet foods to serve are antipasti. Those are one of the best choices for a relaxed buffet. Not only because you can easily get the nice products like cheeses and different olives but also because there is something for everyone on an antipasti table.  

  • Bresaola and Prosciutto di Parma


  • Artichokes in olive oil


  • Olives marinated in herbs with feta 



Cold meats are another great choice for a cold fork buffet. Enjoy a juicy steak or roast beef with a piece of freshly baked bread or a lovely salad. A lovely meat to have on your table is a gammon ham. Roasted to perfection it will be juicy and delicious. Try the traditional honey glazed recipe with cloves.

  • Angus beef sirloin


  • Roasted gammon ham 


  • Free range chicken roasted with rosemary



No buffet is full without few veggies on the table. It doesn’t mean that you cannot be creative with what you serve. There are classic like crudites with hummus, but you can also try some delicious salads like beetroot, pear, and rocket. Amazing! 

  • Stuffed aubergine with couscous salad


  • Beetroot and pear salad

beetroot salad

  • Mexican tart

mexican tats


Do not forget to include some fresh seafood in your cold fork buffet. Our top propositions are cold seafood classics. Marinated salmon will be a star of the evening. This Scandinavian dish is amazing with some mustard sauce and you can rest assured that you will be getting many compliments from your guests on this one.

  • Salad Niçoise

salad nicoise

  • Marinated salmon with dill and mustard sauce


  • Shrimp and avocado 



Do not forget about few dessert options. A classic pannacotta should be your buffet base. You can serve it with many different toppings, which makes it an ideal choice for a buffet. Whether you like a classic strawberry sauce or pieces of chocolate, pannacotta is a lovely dessert. You can prepare some more elaborate desserts like rhubarb tart or passionfruit cheesecake to meet the expectations of all the fussy guests. 

  • Pannacotta


  • Rhubarb tart


  • Passion fruit cheesecake

passionfruit cake

If you are looking for more delicious buffet ideas have a look at our post about 5 Best Hot Fork Buffet Food Ideas For Your Next Buffet Party. Get more inspirations from our amazing Private Chefs and Caterers, who can make sure that you will have the most amazing buffet party without spending hours and hours in the kitchen.