Color Your Appetite

The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts – Marcus Aurelius

Have you ever thought about how important color is to perception and behavior? It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that companies spend a lot of time analyzing what the most appropriate color for their brand should be, to attract the right people. Ever wondered why the McDonald’s arches are golden? Or, why Facebook is blue?

colorsFor example, you’ve likely heard that blue purveys trustworthiness. Does color affect one’s appetite? Of course!

Come to think of it, the color of the food, the plate, the napkins, the surrounding, all play a role in how appetizing a certain meal will be.

blue wave

Calming, right?

 Most Appealing

red raspberry

What color attracts the highest appeal? You guessed it! RED! Red is known to symbolize energy and fun! Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to have red placemats, or decorate your plate with some red foods!

Happy food

yellow zucchini

Yellow! Yellow can stimulate the appetite with its connection to happiness. It has a welcoming and homie appeal to it which just makes the food more appetizing.

Safe food 

green leaf

Green symbolizes the safest and healthiest of them all. Probably because green foods can be eaten without a high risk of anything bad happening!

Angry food

orange sunset

Orange. People usually associate orange with anger. There are a few naturally occurring orange foods and are usually referred to as angry foods, such as curry.

Angel food


Ever thought about what food you eat without really thinking about its calorie intake? Yep, that’s right. Anything white! Since it lacks color, people tend to think it lacks calories as well!

So now you have some tricks up your sleeve to affect your diet! Want to lose weight? Why not add a blue light in your fridge? Or color your meals blue! Want to stimulate appetite? Red and yellow are the way to go! (Hurray McDonalds!).

Or, let our Chefs play their color tricks for you, and let the element of surprise be your greatest source of fun! Let them play a game with you to see if these color schemes really work!