Coming to Beirut-The Spice Queen-Chef Parveen

We have showcased Peruvian, Spanish and French food in Beirut already and guess what? Now we are going East! It’s time for some delicious flavourful Indian food. For our fourth collaboration between ChefXChange and Kitchenlab, which consists of bringing international and distinguished Master Chefs to Lebanon, we are pleased to bring to you a unique opportunity to enjoy an exclusive culinary experience with the acclaimed Chef Parveen. She will be available for cooking classes  Thursday-Saturday, May 5th-7th, as well as private dinners from the 7th-9th inclusive.

Indian Food by Parveen


Born in Bradford, UK amongst 6 siblings, Parveen delighted in gathering around the dining table and enjoying meals with her big family. As a working woman and mother, Parveen made sure to always dedicate time to cook for her children, who praised and inspired her to better her culinary skills. Parveen recently finished writing her first Indian cookbook with over 60 recipes which are all 6 or 7 step recipes and are quite straightforward. She has appeared on several television shows including the popular Channel 4 show Come Dine With Me”.


Indian Food by Parveen

A sneak peek on Chef Parveen’s culinary plans for our hungry foodies in Beirut:

Thursday May 5th from 7-9pm:

  • Onion and potato bhajis with demonstration of mint, green chilli dip
  • Kashmiri style chicken masala with demonstration of paratha
  • Eastern eaton mess

Friday May 6th from 7-9pm:

  • Pan fried tandoori chicken
  • Lamb bhuna with potatoes with demonstration of cumin pilau rice
  • Kheer

Saturday May 7th from 11am-1pm:

  • Chappal kebab with caramelised onions
  • Aloo gobi with demonstration of chappattis
  • Vermicelli with flaked almonds

 Indian Food by Parveen


India is known for its spices that are rich with flavours; however, a huge misconception about indian food is that it is very spicy. Well, true indian food can be very spicy, but there are SIX DIFFERENT tastes in the indian cuisine: sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter, and astringent. A proper indian meal attempts to balance all of those flavours, with one or two of them standing out. Chef Parveen will make sure that you enjoy and indulge in those flavours in the cooking classes and in the private dinners as well.

What are you still waiting for? Book your place now and learn the art of Indian food cooking with Chef Parveen! You can also have her exclusively make you an Indian feast in the comfort of your own home. Places are limited, book now!