Confessions of a Private Chef

Any chef will tell you, his/her job is no walk in the park! The things they have to endure… picky clients, weird demands, rude comments, long hours, unappreciative customers that are sometimes culinarily ignorant! The life of a Private Chef is indeed sometimes cruel and full of struggles.

One mishap can ruin their career. With scandals invading our daily news feed, the need to cover up and protect your reputation is crucial. But what if the mistake or incident isn’t their fault? What if circumstances (i.e. the clients and venues) were to blame? Bad things do happen after all!

In a quest for juicy stories, we reached out to some of our chefs for the strangest and funniest situations they encountered on duty. So here are the confessions of our Private Chefs!


An Unwanted Visitor

A story from one of our Spanish Chefs


Confessions of a Private Chef

Photo credit: laverrue via / CC BY


” I was working in Spain 10 years ago. We were doing an event at a private house for 25 people. We were stationed on a patio with a few tables set for us. As I was serving, something falls into the bowl. It was just in front of me. At first, I thought it was a pine from the pine trees on that patio.

Then I saw the tail… It was a RAT, 25cm long! The animal fell from the trees above. Obviously, I started shouting “A RAT!!!!!!!! A RAT!!!!!!!!”” The head chef was yelling at me to shut up.

Eventually, the rat ran away and we continued with the service. After all was said and done, the owner of the house wouldn’t let us leave until we killed that rat. We tried to explain to her that we were not pest control! “


A “Special” Client

A story from one of our Italian Chefs


Confessions of a Private Chef


Embrace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen! This one is short but very creepy.

I had a regular who loved hunting and food.

So to satisfy his interests, the client decided to start bringing animals, from farm animals to fish, hunt them and give them to me to cook! Yes.. “

Okay… someone has obviously serious issues.


Lost in Definitions

A story from one of our American Chefs


Confessions of a Private Chefs


Well this not quite a confession, but more of a rant.. Still counts!

“Food allergies and preferences are two completely different things. With one, “I” could kill you if I’m negligent. With the other, not so much. Frequently, you can tell when customers are exaggerating or misleading you. You have a gluten allergy, but you are ordering something deep-fried? Interesting.

But, you truly never know and must be vigilant at all times; it’s a waste of time to second-guess customers. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is laugh and keep it pushing. I’m serious, search #fakeallergies on Twitter for a good laugh.”


So ladies and gentlemen, here you go, some funny stories from our very own Private Chefs here at ChefXChange. If any of you lovely readers have some good stories, please do share the love and sound off in the comments section below!