Cooking Tips? Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Cooking can be … well, scary. Nowadays, people think of cooking as a specialty or a profession, where it is in fact–a passion. A kitchen is not a workplace, it’s an art gallery that gives food lovers the chance to practice their hobby and what they love, creating by that a work of art. It’s not about how fancy a dish looks, or how expensive the ingredients are, it’s about the amount of love put in the bowl. ChefXchange can make it easier for you to work with ease in your kitchen, just follow these 8 simple cooking tips:

  • Enjoy yourself, it’s not a job. Move freely around the kitchen, leave your marks everywhere, no one is watching, it’s only you, the material, and the ingredients. Listen to music while cooking, it’s a great way to relax and increase your morale.
  • Fail, once, twice, 10 times, you’ll get better with practice. No one is born a chef. Your cooking skills will improve with practice. Your first meal may even be rejected by your dog, but that’s fine! Don’t give up and keep tasting until you get it right. Throwing food away is painful, but all great cooks have thrown food away.
  • Ask for advice. It’s always useful to ask more experienced chefs for tips. Who’s a better teacher than your mom?! TV and radio cooking programs are another good way to catch a few quick lessons on how to make the best use of your kitchen and basic ingredients. YouTube has millions of cooking tutorials!
cooking tips

Follow recipes when cooking!

  • Do NOT cook when hungry. Unless it’s a sandwich or a burger, resist. Cooking while hungry will force you to rush things. Cooking is something to be respected and given just the right amount of time to complete. It’s never a complete meal when prepared on an empty stomach! 
  • Fancier means harder. As mentioned before, it’s not about how fancy your cooking materials are, nor how expensive and sophisticated the ingredients you bought. Keep it simple at this stage, try doing basic and easy dishes, master them and then you can move up the ladder!
  • Taste as you cook. Get into what you’re cooking. Preview as you go. This is especially true with sauces. It will alert you to if what you’re cooking needs more seasoning with herbs or spices.
  • Practice with eggs. The best way to know your pans is through eggs. It will also help you understand when to use varying heat levels. The best part about eggs is that they are cheap, so the cost of messing up is relatively low.
  • Don’t run out of vegetables. Keep your refrigerator filled with fresh vegetables. They are an excellent source of vitamins, rich in flavor and add wonderful color to your dishes. Then, add your protein and a source of fat and voila! You’ve got yourself a meal! 

Cooking is fun. Don’t cook because you have to, cook because you want to. All you need for a delicious meal is passion in your pan, and the time to get it done. ChefXchange is another method to help with cooking, through the live cooking that happens in your kitchen, or through teaching chefs like Chef Hanane and the Moroccan cuisine lessons that she offers.