Corporate Catering Services: Prices, Reviews And Special Offer

This article will tell you all about Corporate catering services for any types of corporate venue to conferences, networking events or team seminar. It contains inspiration menus from chefs in London, Beirut and Dubai together with price range and a special offer at the end!

Corporate Catering Services: Prices, Reviews And Special Offer

Corporate Catering Services: Prices, Reviews And Special Offer

Chef Yann London 

corporate canapés cold canapés hot canapés

Corporate catering menu

Chef Yann will delight your clients from cold, hot to sweet canapés to make your corporate event delicious and colourful. 

  • Cold Canapés

-Foie Gras, Fig and Cabernet Chutney on Toasted Brioche;
-Mackerel Patés with Cucumber, Pickled Shallots on Toasted Rye Bread;
-Pickled Quail Eggs, Beetroot Reduction, Saffron Aioli and Spirulina Blinis;
-Home Cured Salmon, Beetroot, Lemon and Creme Fraiche on Matcha Tea Blinis;
-Semi Pickled Tomato and Red Pepper Piperade Mini Focaccia 

  • Hot Canapés

-Deep Fried Oyster, Papaya Pok Pok and Sesame Emulsion;
-Slow Roasted Beef Filet, Sweet Potato Rosti and Salsa Verde;
-Black Truffle and Aged Parmesan “Croque Monsieur” ;
-Crispy Sea Bass, Charred Mediterranean Vegetable Tian and Blue Basil Pesto;
-Baked New Potato, Pea and Mint Puré and Lemon Dressing 

  • Sweet Canapés

-Mini Trio Chocolate Brownie;
-British Strawberry and Lavender Tartlet with Chiboust Cream;
-Mini Carrot Cake;
-Selection of Delicious Macaroons;
-Edible Flower Lollipop (3 days notice)

Count £4 per Canapés, although the price per canapés goes down when the party has a large number of guests.

Chef Joseph Beirut 

Pineapple Fiesta Pomodoro & Pomegranate Chicken Spicy White Chocolate Beef Grilled Tequila Strawberry

Sweet & Spicy Fusion Menu

  • Pineapple Fiesta

  • Pomodoro & Pomegranate Chicken

  • Spicy White Chocolate Beef

  • Grilled Tequila Strawberry

This menu is the perfect combination of sweet and sour in a custom made menu, take your corporate catering seating event to the next level and amaze your team or clients. Start with a mixture of lettuce, pineapple, kiwi and cherry tomatoes covered with blue cheese sauce. Then, enjoy an Italian sweet and sour custom made chicken dish over a bead of grilled rocca. As a main dish it’s beyond imagination beef tenderloins, covered with spicy white chocolate and parmesan cheese. And let’s not forget dessert with grilled strawberries flamed in tequila served with ice cream of your choice.

This menu will ideally serve between 8 to 20 guests and cost 40 to 50 USD per person.

Chef Omar in Dubai

Quinoa Salad Lentil Kebbeh halloumi watermelon Potato Shrimps

Corporate Event Menu

  • Lentil Kibbeh

  • Quinoa Salad

  • Halloum cheese with Watermelon caviar

  • Potato Shrimps Rolls

Chef Omar will prepare small Lebanese bites of different flavours that can be tailored to your desires. These are just a sample selection; 

-Lentil kibbeh with wild rocket and a dash of olive oil.
-Quinoa salad with tomato, beetroot, cucumber, pineapple, olive oil and white vinegar.
-Brown toast lightly buttered and topped with halloumi cheese and watermelon caviar.
-Tiger shrimps rolled with spaghetti, and potato dipped in takin sauce.

The corporate event menu can serve from 20 to 100 guests for 75-85 AED per person.

Chef Antonio in New York City

corporate catering corporate catering

Corporate Event Spanish Menu

If you are organizing an event for your company in the city, Antonio and his team offer a fully customized catering service; celebrations, team meetings, cocktails, etc. Choose from a wide range of menu items including salads, hot and cold main dishes and a variety of side dishes and desserts. His goal is to provide event menu items to serve every palate and taste! He can cater menus for clients to incorporate different lifestyles: gluten-free, vegetarian, seafood, you name it!

Here are a few examples of appetisers and tapas for your event:

– Pork Belly with Octopus in marine sauce.
– Baked Broccoli Croquettes.
– Spanish Potato Omelette.
– Deviled Egg.
– Chorizo in cider.
– Sardines in Vinegar with Garlic, Parsley and Olive Oil.
– Pepper Crusted Steak.
– Meatballs in Tomato Sauce with Peas and Rosemary.
– Empanada (puff pastry filled with Sardines and Tomato, or Vegetables Wok with Ginger).
– Bocaditos de Elche (Bacon wrapped Dates).

Usually, minimum order for corporate catering services with Antonio is 825 USD but contact him for more information!

ChefXChange Reviews

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