Corporate Summer Party Theme and Activity Ideas

Corporate parties can range from formal & elegant to cozy & crazy.  They depend on the number of participants, the age range of the participants & the budget accorded to the event. The most important aspect of most corporate events is team building, and that’s highlighted in the following corporate summer party theme and activity ideas.

Corporate Summer Party Theme and Activity Ideas


Corporate Summer Party Theme and Activity Ideas

Team building activities are all about getting out of your comfort zone and exploring each others complementary skills.
Sounds formal right? Well, it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few examples of how you can accomplish these goals without it feeling like a chore. 

1-Team Cooking Classes

A corporate event must have food.  But even better than the usual catering assortment is getting your hands dirty in the kitchen. 
Working in the kitchen together & putting an effort in to create a delicious dish helps bring the team closer together & break the ice! 

If you’re a fan of this idea, you’re in luck because Our Chefs offer cooking lessons.

2- Cooking challenge

Cooking can be a very fun & competitive activity, what do we mean by that? Tune in to find out! 
This is how it goes: You split everyone into teams (preferably not more than 5 people per team), give them a budget & a theme. Then they  prepare a full-course menu in a specific period of time. You can even have Chefs participating in the event as judges. 
The great thing about this activity is that you can include as many people as you like, you just need to increase the number of teams participating!

3- Team Picnic

What simpler, more genuine & cozy outing can one have during summer than a picnic? 
Just find a place with a beautiful landscape, get your food and/or ingredients & enjoy yourself under the sun! Our ideal food for picnics is barbecue.  It’s easy and requires many peoples’ help which makes it ideal for a corporate summer event.

After enjoying the food, we suggest having a team hike or other activity/game & ending the day with a campfire and SMORES! 

You can have as many people as you want in your picnic, and it’s a great way for the members to bond because there are so many tasks that require communication. 

If you like this idea, check out these summer bbq party ideas.  If you’re a vegetarian, here are some options for you!


Now for a change this activity does not involve food.  What better way to create synergy among employees than having them experience an adventure together! 

Imagine being in the middle of nowhere, getting lost & having to “survive”. All you have to do is add clues & twists to the story for even more adventure. You can even make this a form of competition by splitting the employees into groups & offering a prize to the winners for motivation. 

This is perfect for an outdoor team activity in summer. But, with all the planning, you might find it difficult to find time to take care of the food. We have a solution for that too: catering services! 

Lucky you, because ChefXChange has got the perfect catering service for every event!

5-Murder Mystery Night

If you would like to have an adventure with your team during summer but live in a place where it’s too hot to do it, we have an alternative for you! 

Have your team collaborate to hunt down a (fake) killer together. You can use as many clues and brainteasers as you like, which makes the experience more challenging & even more fun!

6-Fundraising events

You could organize or participate in a fundraising event! This not only provides employees with a sense of satisfaction for helping the needy, it also gives them the opportunity to collaborate for a cause. On top of all that, the company is fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility requirements.  That’s three birds with one stone!

Now these events could range from cooking for needy people, to doing an activity for a cause (cycling, marathon etc… ) to even raising money for a fund.

Now… enough about team building activities, let’s start talking about some themes or concepts to improve your corporate events!

7-On Theme Catering

Back to food…
Allow us to share with you what this concept entails: it consists of food & drinks stations with each station referring to a specific theme or culture. In addition, you can add to the feel by decorating the food stations according to the themes. Moreover, you can mention facts & information about each theme.  Now you have topics of conversation which will make the networking a lot smoother! 

Here are some ideas for your catering menu: Indian food, Asian food, Mexican food, Caribbean food & Sushi catering

If you would like catering for such an event, check out our special events catering option.

8-Assemble Your Own Food

You might be thinking: what’s the difference between the concept of assembling your own food & a simple buffet?
First of all, food assembly can only be done with cold bites, and it’s like a salad bar but with actual food in it: like club sandwiches, burgers etc… Also, you can add any ingredient or flavor that you like & make your own combination of food. 

We think this concept is a great way of getting people to network and connect & it does not have restrictions as to the number of people who can participate, the number of ingredients and so on… 

9-Dress Code

Here’s something to get your people all worked up and excited about your summer corporate event… a dress code! The great thing about this is that you can choose a topic that’s as fancy or as cozy as you like, which makes it perfect for creating the vibe that suits your event. 

This would break the ice & give a topic of conversation for networking. 

10-Carnival-inspired theme

Well, if “go big or go home” is your motto, then the perfect corporate summer party theme awaits you!

Carnivals have always been crowd-pleasers: between the entertainment, the food & beverages, the game stations & photo booths, everyone enjoys themselves! 

This is a great event for companies who have more than 100 participants at an event. The more the merrier, right?
Don’t know about you, but we’ve never heard about anyone being bored at a carnival. I mean, there’s always something to do! 

If you’re in for a simple corporate event, check out the catering options in this post: Corporate catering services. ChefXChange can also cater for your special occasions.