CXC Collaboration with “The Cellar”

ChefXchange is excited to announce an upcoming collaboration with “The Cellar” wine radio show, hosted by Richard Glover. Co-founder Marc Washington and I will be gracing the airwaves in the coming months to talk about CXC’s business concept and how you can best utilize it.

Shortly after moving to the DC area, I was asked to be a guest co-host with Richard on his popular radio show. I obliged, and we chatted on-air about international trade and wine and wine varietals. The show has grown over the past two years and now boasts a broad international audience that anticipates the show every Monday evening from 8-9pm ET.

Co-Hosting with Richard Glover | "The Cellar" on

Co-Hosting with Richard Glover | “The Cellar” on

I was back on-air this past Monday evening, bantering with Richard on “Wine 101: Back to the Basics”. In fact, a question he posed to me and guest sommelier, Katarina, calling in from Florence, Italy played right into a posting I’d been crafting. He asked me and Katarina to give a wine tip to those who are trying to “get into wines”. My recommendation was to host a blind tasting party with a group of friends. Blind tasting is great for expanding your palates for wine. That way, everyone can enjoy the fruits of the evening and ideally, would yield new wine favorites for you and your guests.

Blind Tasting

Wine Wrapped in Paper Bags

ChefXchange will be collaborating with “The Cellar” in the coming months to bring you live (or alternatively a podcast) commentary on what the ChefXchange Foodie/Chef experience is like. Stay tuned for the date that you can tune in to our feature interview.