Dinner Party Catering Services: Prices, Reviews, Menu Ideas And Special Offer

Dinner parties are an amazing opportunity to commemorate special occasions. It doesn’t matter if you are celebrating your spouse birthday, a promotion at work, or simply meeting old friends. There are many exciting dinner party catering services and menus that will be perfect for your big evening.

Dinner Party Catering Services: Prices, Reviews, Menu Ideas And Special Offer

For those of you who love cooking and planning a dinner party then it’s something you will find effortless.  Or if you’re someone who goes into a panic when they think of a dinner party, then throwing one might be your worst nightmare.  We have 5 amazing dinner party catering ideas to help you, whether you find dinner parties easy or hard.  If you struggle with them, this will help you with the menu, once that’s sorted everything else slots into place.  Even if you are someone that loves to throw a dinner party you might find that you need a bit of inspiration with the menu.  

And if you don’t feel like doing the cooking we have some reviews and discounts for dinner party catering services. 

Dinner Party Catering Services: Prices, Reviews, Menu Ideas And Special Offer

Bocca Privately Dinner menu

sardine beef creme brulee

  • Starters: Grilled Sardine Crostini, Grilled Octopus & Cecina de Leon

  • Main: Hanger Steak with Snail Persillade, Dried Tomatoes & Chard Onion

  • Dessert: Raspberry & Mascarpone Creme Brulee

Possibly one of the most exquisite dinner party catering that you cold ever imagine. Chef Maxime in Dubai will take you on amazing culinary experience. Dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients and served to you and your guests will make up an unforgettable night. This lovely dinner experience can be served to 4-30 people and will cost you 320-480 AED per person.

Dinner Party Catering 

beef tartaresandwichbread sticks smoked salmonfilet mignionSicilian Cannoli

  • Starters: Beef Tartare with Candied Lemon, Carasau Bread, and Crispy Artichokes, Tuna Ceviche

  • Main: Mignon Beef Wellington

  • Dessert: Sicilian Cannoli

A great selection of canapes and party treats is a courtesy of our very own Chef Andrea in London. This vast selection of foods can be a great choice for an office dinner party. It could be a lovely idea for an engagement party or a birthday celebration. You can get this delicious catering menu for around 30 GBP per person, for a bigger or smaller party.

Taste of Mexico Dinner Party Catering

Pozole Chilies en Nogada Mexican Beignets with Whiskey Crème Anglaise

  • Starter: Pozole

  • Main: Chillies en Nogada 

  • Dessert: Mexican Beignets with Whiskey Crème Anglaise

An exciting taste of Mexico can be within your reach with help from our Chef Dima in Beirut. This authentic Mexican feast will be a great idea for a dinner party with friends or a casual get together. Let yourself explore new flavours in one of the most beloved international cuisines. This dinner party catering service can be organised for 6-30 people and will cost you between 65-70 USD.

Summer Cocktail Dinner Party Catering

lobster profeiteroles boucher and verrines petit plats

  • Starter: Lobster Profiteroles

  • Main: Boucher & Verrines

  • Dessert: Petit Plats

If you are looking for a classy and delicious dinner party catering you have to reach out to our Chef Giovanni in Silver Spring. This menu will be a perfect solution both for a formal evening as well as a business event. A great choice of different flavours and textures served in bite size pieces. You can order this experience for 4-25 people and will cost around 70 USD.

Douce France Dinner Party Catering

scotch egg Angus steak Chocolate souffle

  • Starter: Amuse Bouche

  • Main: Angus steak 

  • Dessert: Chocolate souffle 

Our last dinner party catering service that you should consider is this lovely classic menu created by Chef Yann in London. It is a great choice for an official dinner party, especially if you do not know the culinary preferences of your guests. Order this experience for 6-25 people, priced at 65-85 GBP per person. 

ChefXChange Reviews

If you would like to know what our foodies think of ChefXChange and our amazing Private Chefs, do not hesitate to read the reviews. The majority of our chefs are rated and reviewed by our customers. Choose your chef and see reviews of his work on his profile before you decide. 

chefxchange reviews

chefxchange reviews

If you are interested in more information on catering have a look at our post on BBQ Party Catering: Price, Reviews, And Events Offering. Have a look at our Private Chefs to find more catering offers to suit your needs.

Catering Discount Offer

To get a discount for your dinner party simply email info@chefxchange.com and quote the blog.  Happy hosting!