10 Impressive Dinner Party Desserts To Impress Your Guests

Desserts are the last food impression, that you leave on your guests when you throw a dinner party. That is why you should make it the crown jewel at your next dinner party. We have chosen the best 10 dinner party desserts to impress your guests.

10 Impressive Dinner Party Desserts To Impress Your Guests

When choosing a dessert, try to match it with the rest of the served dishes. You can either try to go with a theme if you have chosen particular cuisine for the starter and main, like Italian or French. You can also choose a dessert that will balance the whole meal. If your menu is quite light you can choose a heavier more chocolate or cream based dessert and the opposite, if your other dishes were really filling and rather heavy choose something fruit-based and light for dessert.

10 Impressive Dinner Party Desserts To Impress Your Guests

1. Chocolate indulgence by Chef Alex

chocolate dessert

The first on our list of dinner party desserts to impress is a piece of art that not only looks amazing but also tastes heavenly. This is a chocolate and berry-based dessert that will for sure impress your guests with the variety of textures and flavors. We have proposed a menu that will work beautifully with this culinary masterpiece. It’s not easy to make for everyone, but that is why you have our amazing Chef Alex to help.

2. White chocolate key lime pie

key lime pie

A delicious classic with a pinch of extra white chocolate flavor. You can be sure that your guests will adore it and will ask for your recipe.  

3. Rhubarb and strawberry tart by Chef Daniel

rhubarb strawberry tart

A beautiful and delicious dessert based on fruits with a crispy, buttery tart pastry. For an extra effect, choose to make more small tartlets rather than one big one. Have a look how we have paired it up with the dinner menu.

4. Chocolate bourbon cake 

choclate cake

You can never go wrong with chocolate cake. It is one of those cakes that perhaps is best on a winter evening rather than in summer heat, but your guests will be surely delighted to have it. To prepare an impressive chocolate cake it is important not to forget about decoration. Try sprinkling the top with icing sugar or placing on some edible roses or lavender.It will be beautiful and delicious. 

Have a look at this delicious recipe for your next big bake off. 

5. Tarte Tatin by Chef Yann

tart tatin

Tart Tatin has become a classic! There is nothing like the combination of caramel and apples. It is much easier to make than it seems, but for those of you who are not experts in the art of baking, we have Chef Yann to guide you through the mysteries of baking.

6. Matcha mousse cake 

matcha cake

Everyone has gone mad for matcha in the last few years, that’s why it is time to bake a cake with it. It can be a nice dessert if you have enjoyed Asian food for the rest of your dinner feast.

7. Pear Tartine with Gorgonzola by Chef Andrea

pear tart with gorgonzola

For many it may seem surprising to serve a cake with savoury cheese, nevertheless, this combination for a dessert is exquisite. This masterpiece created by our excellent Chef Andrea is best served in a menu proposed by him. If you like to discover new and exciting flavors this is exactly what you need at your next dinner party.

8. Rhubarb meringue tart 

rhubarb tart

One of the best cakes on the planet. A combination of sour rhubarb with the sweet meringue must be my personal favorite of all time! It is slightly time-consuming to make, but there is nothing like it.

9. Brandy snaps with fresh flowers and beetroot caramel

brandy snaps

This gorgeous dessert will be a beautiful finale to any dinner party, but it will especially shine in a preselected by us menu. The amazing mix of creamy and crispy is something you won’t have experienced before. 

10. Meringue cake 

meringue cake

We end our dinner party desserts to impress with a meringue cake. There are many options that you can choose from: some with berries some with coffee or creams. Choose the one you like the most for your occasion, but if you are looking for an awesome recipe, try the Lemon Meringue Cake.

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