DIY: How to reuse your glass bottles and save Earth!

We have come to a time where being eco-conscious is no longer just for activists and “tree huggers”. We have come to a time where being eco-conscious is everyone’s duty. We owe it to mother earth; we take care of it so it takes care of us. Being eco-friendly isn’t a hassle, it’s in the little steps you take to being environmentally responsible. And in these steps, you’ll find fun and… new décor! Yup, reusing a lot of your disposable or non-disposable garbage can add a bit of style to your house, room or even office–as in our case! The perfect material would be glass bottles. So here’s a Do-It-Yourself example on how to utilize them in the easiest and most fun way.

Clean Your Bottles

Make sure your bottles are empty and clean! An easy way to remove the stickers is to place them in a bucket of hot water and a bit of soap. And voila! They’re easily peeled and cleaned!

Get Your Artsy Stuff

Gather everything you can find that might be used to decorate the bottles; paint, tape, twine, markers,…


Reusing glass bottles


For our DIY, we used:

  • acrylic paint
  • tape
  • twine
  • metallic strings

Pick your Designs

Get your designer and creative side on. Do what whatever you feel like, you can be minimal, colourful, crafty or even messy!


Reusing Glass Bottles

DIY in progress – Reusing Glass Bottles


Reusing glass bottles

DIY fail – An attempt at cutting glass


In attempt to be even more creative, we decided to cut the glass bottles and make jars out of them. However, that was a big fail! The glass was too thick for the glass cutter (and I was a bit impatient :))

When all is said and done, wait for the paint and glue to dry.

The End Results

If you used tape for patterns, gently peel it off so you don’t peel off paint. Let’s see how creative the CXC team was!


Reusing Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles with some twine action for table decoration

Reusing Glass Bottles

Reusing Glass Bottles for some summertime juice or just plain water!


Reusing Glass Bottles

Reusing Glass Bottles as artsy decoration for the bedroom


For a little bit of romance, cover the bottle necks of some old wine bottles with twine, and voilà! You will get two gorgeous candle holders as centrepieces for a special meal for two. For an extra special lunch or dinner, make sure to book one of our Private Chefs so you can dine and wine with your loved one stress free.

Reusing glass bottles

Dinner for two, please!

This is the end, my friends. There’s still so much more to do with glass bottles, and they add a lot of character to your house! Stay eco-conscious and reuse as much possible.

Oh, and special thanks to our gorgeous Community Managers, Megumi and Rawan, for helping me out!