Don’t Miss Out On These DC Sandwiches!

Who doesn’t love a great sandwich? In DC, we have plenty of places from which to choose. Reporting for the Washington Post Express, Holley Simmons lets us in on two sandwiches that we Washingtonians need to try before they are gone!

DC Sandwiches

Pickled Jalapeño Burger | Photo from: Shake Shack website

The Dupont Shake Shack will offer this cheeseburger–the Pickled Jalapeño Burger– Oct. 13-18 in honor of the 10th anniversary of “Every Day with Rachel Ray” magazine.

Time is of the essence for grabbing this burger, people! Also, we’re told to BOLO for the Mandu KimchiSteak, available for the month of October at all Taylor Gourmet locations.

DC sandwiches

Taylor Gourmet’s Mandu KimchiSteak | Photo from: Taylor Gourmet Facebook page

It’s been one year since Taylor Gourmet debuted its cheesesteak. To celebrate, the local chain teamed up with Danny Lee, of Mandu, for this sandwich with bulgogi-marinated rib-eye, kimchi, cheddar and scallions.

We love Mandu! This seems like an amazing partnership. We definitely can’t wait to try the KimchiSteak.

A location for great sandwiches that we love year round is Duke’s Grocery at 1513 17th St NW. Always a solid bet. The founding chef Alex McCoy, who appeared on the latest season of Food Network Star, filled the menu with sandwiches inspired by his world travels. McCoy departed Duke’s at the beginning of this year and is going to open two new locales focusing on his love of Southeast Asia. We’re hoping he keeps some of his sandwiches on his new menu–He IS “the sandwich guy”.

DC Sandwiches

Sandwiches from Duke’s Grocery

To see the full article about these must-try sandwiches, in the Washington Post Express, click here.

Our private chefs in Washingon DC are also quite worldly and well-traveled. Whether you’re craving a great sandwich selection for your next game day party or planning another special dining experience, we’ve got personal chefs for you. If it’s more DC updates that you’re craving, check out more of our posts here, here and here.


dc sandwiches


We were able to snag a Taylor Gourmet KimchiSteak sandwich before the end of the month and it was AMAZING. The only issue, they forgot the cheddar cheese… and as of tomorrow Nov. 1, they are no longer available. Washingtonians, were any of you able to try these sandwiches? We definitely weren’t disappointed… and could eat a KimchiSteak anytime!