In the Kitchen with Dubai Private Chef Alex

This week we’re interviewing private Chef Alex from Abu Dhabi, UAE. Chef Alex has worked all around the world New York to San Francisco, Dubai and Muscat always in some of the best restaurants of each city.

private chef in dubai - chef alex

1. What’s in your fridge right now?

Lemongrass, organic chicken, fresh tuna, nectarines, plums, chili, heritage tomatoes, ginger, coconut, melon, organic eggs, berries, laban, labneh, home pickled artichoke and fennel, variety of staple ingredients as per most homes.

2. Who cooks at home?


3. Favorite place to eat /restaurant in your current city?

Bord Eau at The Shangri-La in Abu Dhabi, UAE

4. Tell us more about one of your menu available for your Private Chef service on Chefxchange?

My menus are all organic; using some amazing local suppliers who work with organic farmers here in the UAE. I use light and fresh food with multiple secret ingredients such as maca root powder, bee pollen or even sodium alginate. Just healthy food that looks and feels indulgent.

5. Who taught you how to cook?

My grandma originally

6. Sum up your cooking style in three words.

Original, Colourful, Indulgent

7. Savory or Sweet?


8. Which Chef would you love to meet?

Pierre Koffman

9. Favorite kitchen gadget?

The Paco Jet

10. Best advice you’ve received in your chef career?

Learn – “if you stop learning in any kitchen you work in up to the age of 30 then move son. If you follow this advice and learn like mad when you are 30 you can drop the “L” and start to earn.

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