Dubai Summers just got Classier: Oysters & Caviar

Summer has descended upon Dubai and we are going to help you make the best of it! Dubai has been glamorized through movies and videos of being the home of some of the biggest and tallest landmarks. You have the tallest building (Burj Khalifa), the tallest hotel (JW Marriott Marquis), the biggest mall (Dubai Mall) and so on, but you never hear about the most exclusive services that cater to this glamourous lifestyle. Today, I will share one with you.

One of Dubai’s best kept secrets is Chef Tissy’s Oyster & Caviar service. The chef aptly has labeled the experience as a ‘high-end culinary entertainment’. You have an array of the freshest & most succulent oysters found in the seven seas, served to you by professional Oyster Shuckers and optionally complemented by the finest caviar.


Chef Tissy personally selects the oysters, which are curated from France, Ireland and the Netherlands and they are professionally cleaned, shucked and served with fresh lemon, pepper, tabasco or vinaigrette by the chef’s team of hostesses.


The caviar is of premium quality from Saudi Arabia, Iran or Belgium and the chef’s team of hostesses will serve the caviar to your guests from specialized caviar belts accompanied by the ideal garnish required to accentuate the flavor of the caviar.

Each week, there are multiple private and corporate events across the city with the usual dining arrangements of a buffet with your guests queuing up to serve themselves food that was prepared with a ‘one size fits all’ motto of preparation. Time to change things up!Oyster Caviar 3

Chef Tissy’s amicable and professionally-trained servers float around the venue with containers of fresh oysters and a serving belt to deliver tastes right from the ocean bed to your plate. Each guest can choose amongst a variety of garnishes to make the best of his/her oyster & caviar experience.

The success of an event is not judged on the décor, the venue or the music, it’s judged on the overall experience – and having one with professional oyster shuckers & caviar hostesses pretty much secures the ‘unforgettable & exclusive’ experience title.

Oyster Caviar 2
The summer sun & heat can often be overwhelming, but you can remedy it by making the best of it! Book Chef Tissy & her team on ChefXChange, where you have the option to further personalize the event to host the most exclusive & unforgettable experience in Dubai.