5 Fun, Unique and Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Eggs are one of the well-recognized symbols of Easter and are not only eaten but also used as decoration on the Easter Table. There are many ways in which you can decorate an egg. You can paint them, dye them, draw patterns, or glue extra ornaments. Countless ideas and a great space for showing some creativity. To get a little bit inspired, have a look at our Easter egg decorating ideas.

5 Fun, Unique and Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

5 Fun, Unique and Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

1. Natural color with a splash of extravagance

Easter Eggs

A great idea is to use natural products that can dye the eggs if you boil them together. Natural coloring that you can find in vegetables like red cabbage or red onions is not as strong as the dyes that you can buy in the store. That is why it is good to pick very fair shelled eggs for this and make sure that you clean them well beforehand. To dye, the eggs simply boil them with the cabbage or onion shells until they have desired color.

To add a little extra fun get a metallic paint and splash an uneven pattern on the eggs. Tres chic! Check out a detailed instruction here.

2. Marbled Eggs

Let’s continue with the modern take on the egg decorations. This idea will definitely be up your alley if you enjoy more minimalistic approach to decoration. You will need only some nail polish in your favorite color and few simple things like plastic container. The effect looks great!

3. Feather Eggs

This next Easter egg decoration idea is a great one if you do not like to play with colors. Get some pretty feathers and glue them on the egg. It is up to you whether you want the design to be simple or maybe make the egg entirely fluffy. Check out how to create this masterpiece in more detail here.

4. Bunny Easter EggBunny Easter Eggs

You will love making these super cute eggs, especially if you want to organize a fun decorating session with your children. Use dye to make the bunny’s “pants” and then draw some cute faces with the pencil. You can make an array of animals if you wish. Have a look at the DIY instructions here.

5. Farm Animals

Last but not least a decoration idea that your kids will love. Grab some paper, scissors, tiny white pompoms and few extras to create a little egg animal farm for your children to enjoy during Easter. Check out a step by step instruction here.

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