6 Best Reasons To Rent A Chef For Delicious Food and Hassle Free Dinner Parties

As the sharing economy continues to boom, hassle-free living is becoming the new status quo. The new issue will be, “I have no idea what app to use!” But eventually, all will converge. Renting a personal chef is much like renting a car, a venue or even renting the runway. It all comes down to two scenarios: cost effectiveness and convenience.

chef for dinner party

Renting a chef is the ideal solution for your dinner party needs. Why? Simple. It’s both cost effective and convenient. 

Why “Rent a chef” option is cost effective?

1. You control the dinner menu and food ingredients

Hosting at home has never been easier! We’re not knocking restaurants; sometimes you just want to leave home, go out, and unplug. But one pressing issue with restaurants is that you’re unsure of the provenance of your food. And to a lot of us, that’s quite important. When you rent a chef, you’ll know exactly where your ingredients are coming from and you can control the menu down to the “T”!


2. You keep the leftovers, so less waste, and more savings

Our chefs incorporate portion control, similar to restaurants. However, isn’t it nice to have it cooked at your home or desired venue and then have him/her pack the leftovers into your fridge? There’s no time for anything to go sour with zero lag time between finishing up and putting it away. 

3. It’s inexpensive when booked for dinner parties with more than 6 people

It’s easy for our chefs to scale their ingredients. Of course, when you book for more people, the cost will be more controlled. Especially when you considered the cost of large parties dining in a restaurant with food, drinks, taxes, fees and auto gratuity, renting a chef is the ideal solution for your dinner party! 

Why “Rent a chef” is the ideal solution?

1. You can pick the day, time you prefer unlike restaurants availability

You don’t need to rely upon the various reservation systems out there and you definitely don’t need to settle for a time that doesn’t suit you. With our culinary experiences, you pick the date and time that you’d like to begin eating. Our chef will arrive at your home or desired venue ready to prepare for when you prefer to start eating. That’s something that absolutely isn’t guaranteed in a restaurant!

2. It is easier to gather people at your own home than at restaurants because of sitting arrangements

Restaurant seating can be tricky. It’s hard to move around and mingle, plus you’re surrounded by other diners who may not share your desire to play restaurant musical chairs. Solve this issue by hosting a dinner party at home. It’s super simple!

rent a chef for Dinner party in a small apartment

3. You can avoid time limits unlike restaurants where you can book space for certain time frame or hours.

Depending on where you book your restaurant reservation and the time of the week that you do so, you may find yourself with an inconvenient alotted amount of time to sit and enjoy your meal. This certainly isn’t ideal when you’ve gathered at a place to enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones over a meal. Sit back and relax at home! The new issue you’ll be facing may be getting your guests to go home. 🙂

Renting a chef really is the ideal solution for your dinner party, wouldn’t you agree? Now that you know why, what’s stopping you from trying us out? We promise you won’t be disappointed. To contact us, submit a Concierge Inquiry with us and your designated Community Manager will reach out to you within 24 hours. Or, reach out to us directly via e-mail! And don’t forget, sign-up for a foodie profile with us. Then you’ll be ahead of the game when it’s time to start picking the champion of your culinary experience–your chef. 

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