10 Easy Mini Burger Slider Ideas For Your Next Burger Party

Burgers are such a classic dish and they are so versatile, so don’t think of them just as junk food. There is a great choice of gourmet burgers that are simply delicious and can easily be served at a party as a main dish or a party snack to go with drinks. You don’t have to think of burgers as unhealthy as well that you need to save for your cheat day.  If you get a good quality burger and take care as to what you pair it with, then there is no reason you can’t incorporate it into your usual diet.  If you are looking for a great snack that your friends can pick up at your casual party, look no further! ChefXChange has a list of 10 mini burger slider ideas for you to serve at your next big evening.

10 Easy Mini Burger Slider Ideas For Your Next Burger Party

Burgers have had a bad name for years as a simple and unhealthy food. But we all know how much has changed in that department in the last few years. Now all the burger joints are steaming with clientele and eating gourmet burgers is on top of everyone’s list of favourite foods. You can slim them down and strip out the buns or make them a calorie bomb with layers of melted cheese, the important thing is that it is your personal choice. 

We all know why we should be loving burgers, but there are also many reasons why sliders are a great party treat. One of the reasons is that they are simply easy to eat because they are smaller and most of them are served in bite-sized pieces. Becuase they are tiny, you can ask your caterer to prepare an array of different choices for your party and let your guests decide what they want to try.  Or if you want to make them yourself, they’re a great idea because you can make them in advance, meaning no rushing and panicking when your guests arrive.

10 Easy Mini Burger Slider Ideas

1. Pulled Beef Mini Burger Slider

pulled beef burger

Slow cooked beef is a great slider stuffing and it can even beat the classic beef patty. It will be an absolutely amazing and delicious choice. Try cooking it with spices and serving with a homemade coleslaw. A really great thing about pulled beef is that you can use it in different dishes once you make a bigger batch. You can put it into tacos, or a salad and use leftovers after the party for making a lunch.

2. Chicken Mini Burger Slider

chicken burger

Chicken is a safe choice that does not have to be boring. If you are not sure about meat preferences of your guests this may be a good choice. You can marinade the chicken and make it oriental with lemon grass and lime and chilli or simply deep fry it.

3. Bacon & Cheese Mini Burger Slider

bacon and cheese burger

This is a classic burger slider but one that you can be sure everyone adores. Serve the classic beef patty with crispy bacon and melted cheese. Add pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce. Success guaranteed.

4. BBQ Chicken Mini Burger Slider

BBQ chicken

Another mini burger slider that is a great idea to serve at a casual party is BBQ chicken. You can marinade it in one of the great BBQ sauces and put it on a grill. Enjoy the smoky taste and crispy skin of the roasted meat. 

5. Salmon Mini Burger Slider

salmon burger

This mini burger slider is a little different. Instead of a heavier meat use salmon! It will be a surprising new taste and by using a fish you can cater the needs of your guests who are not necessarily meat fans. It will taste amazing if you serve it with coriander and some roasted peppers.

6. Hot Dog Mini Burger Slider

hot dog

Did you think that hot dogs and sliders are two different things? Put together the best of both worlds and make mini hot dog sliders. Serve them with an assortment of extras so everyone can get what they like the most on their hot dog.

7. Pulled Pork Mini Burger Slider

pulled pork

Pulled pork mini burger sliders are another classic that you simply cannot do without. They will go great with coleslaw just like the pulled beef sliders. Do not forget about apple chutney that will make this dish come together beautifully.

8. Mini Cheese Stuffed Meatballs


Cheese and meatballs inside a grilled bun? Yes, please! This may not be the healthiest option on the menu, but for sure this guilty pleasure will find a crowd of fans at any party. Serve it with some tomatoes and lettuce to soften the blow of your guest’s cholesterol levels rising sky high.

9. Crab Cake Mini Burger Slider

crab cake

Crab cakes can be another more unusual stuffing on your menu. Try this and you may be surprised with how much you like it. As an option, you can make a vegetarian version of crab cakes, just to be safe that you’re catering for everyone accordingly, and instead of crab cakes serve zucchini cakes or little falafels. 

10. Steak Brie Mini Burger Slider


A medium rare steak straight from the BBQ with melting brie over it is a perfect combination, that should not be missing from your party table. Enjoy this more elaborate flavor in a simple serving of a slider!

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