Easy Summer Dinner Recipes for Family Get Togethers

Summer days call for BBQ dinners, outdoor activities, and family gatherings, especially when the days are long and warm. You can definitely fit a lot of activities in during summer days! No matter what the plans entail, the best way to end a fun summer day is throwing a nice and refreshing summery dinner. The memories created during these dinners are never forgotten. We love celebrating special times with loved ones through food, and our private chefs at ChefXChange always have amazing recipes for all occasions. So, let’s dive in to some delicious easy summer dinner recipes for family get togethers.

Easy Summer Dinner Recipes for Family

Easy Summer Dinner Recipes for Family Get Togethers

After a fun summer day, most people crave delicious and easy summer food. Time consuming recipes are surely not an option.  The ideal dinner would be cooking up a feast with family, where everyone can pitch in and help prepare dinner. Everyone can spend some much needed quality time creating the best dishes and laughing over them! We have collected some of the best recipes for you, with options for everyone in the family.

1. Burrata Bean Salad

Easy Summer Dinner Recipes for Family

Things never go wrong when you start with a yummy salad! And this recipe is vegetarian. Definitely a lighter option which leaves more space for the main course…and of course, dessert! Let’s chop up some tomatoes, and prepare a simple, super tasty salad. To make a burrata and broad bean salad, you’ll need 500 grams of tomatoes, 150 grams of broad beans boiled and peeled, and 100g burrata or 250 grams of mozzarella balls. Also, for the tomato marinade, you’ll need 1/2 a teaspoon of caster sugar and the same amount of salt. Make sure to marinate the tomatoes for approximately 30 mins using sugar and salt.

As for the dressing, prepare a handful of chopped chives, basil, and parsley, 1 tablespoon of tarragon, lovage and mint leaves.  Set aside 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard, a pinch of fennel seeds, and a tablespoon of lemon zest and white vinegar. 

Assemble and Enjoy!

Now, all you have to do is assemble the salad. Lay the tomatoes on a serving plate, top with the burrata, and then spread the bean salsa on top, and it is ready to be devoured!

If you are inviting some friends over, and you’d like more salad options, we have the perfect recipe for you. Our Tuna Nicoise is a must try! After all, who doesn’t love tuna salad?!

2. Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo 

Easy Summer Dinner Recipes for Family



Pasta is a savior. Whatever the occasion, there’s always a pasta recipe for it. And if this picture doesn’t speak for itself, then we don’t know what will! This dish is very easy to prepare, and fettuccine is one of the most popular forms of pasta. Check this simple recipe, and garnish with some sun dried tomatoes.  Couple it with a side salad and you have a very tasty summer meals!

If you re a fan of chicken as a main course, then you’ll definitely love our summer list for chicken based dishes!

3. Chicken Watermelon Tacos

Easy Summer Dinner Recipes for Family

Chicken and watermelons? Yes, you read that right! If this recipe doesn’t scream summer, then we don’t know what does! Trust us to keep your taste-buds satisfied. However, this recipe is not only tasty, but convenient and easy to assemble too, which makes it perfect for a picnic dinner and an easy summer dinner recipe for family. Simply, prepare everything in a container, choose your favorite location, and enjoy the summer breeze with a tasty dinner. The juicy watermelon chunks are perfect with spiced chicken pieces and some veggies in the mix.

4. Spicy Tofu with Green Beans 

Easy Summer Dinner Recipes for Family

With current food trends, there must be someone in the family living a vegetarian lifestyle. Cooking a special dish for him/her will make their day. Also, this recipe is exquisite, and even non-vegetarians will fall in love with the spicy chunks of tofu.  Add a side of rice, and everyone will enjoy this well balanced and a nutritious meal. You or some of your family members might dread tofu. But, this plant-based protein is versatile, and it absorbs any flavorful marinade you prepare! So, try this recipe and enjoy an amazing vegetarian dinner!

5. BBQ Ribs 


A BBQ party is all about the sauces and marinades you prepare. If you are planning on throwing an impressive get together, then a huge BBQ party where all family members can enjoy their time, is always fun. Whether you choose chicken or a red meat base, or even both the marinade options are endless. You might go for the spicy, sweet, or mild sauces. However, if you are seeking to impress your guests, you can also consider some special and eccentric BBQ sauces. That’s why we assembled the tastiest list of sauces for your BBQ party! Surely, there’s a delicious sauce for every taste!

You can also be vegetarian and enjoy some amazing BBQ recipes. You might want to make a recipe (or all) from our vegetarian BBQ skewers!

Finally, If you are going for an extravagant dinner, and you really don’t want to set foot in the kitchen, then check out our private chefs. Whatever the dishes that you desire, your taste-buds are in safe hands! Easy summer dinner recipes for family get even easier when a chef is making them.


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