5 Easy Ways To Eat Healthy Meals Every Day, Every Week

It’s no secret that eating whatever we are craving is an easy way out. Nevertheless, all those doughnuts, chocolate and fries are doing you no good whatsoever.  If you are not a veteran of eating healthy then it may seem to you that trying to make a change to healthy eating is impossible. That is why we want to show you easy ways you can change your habits and eat healthy meals every day.

5 Easy Ways To Eat Healthy Meals Every Day, Every WeekThere comes a time when we realize that we let ourselves enjoy the wrong things for too long. It can be an epiphany when you go clothes shopping and you no longer fit into your usual size. Or when you head to the beach on holidays and you feel a little more conscious of your body than usual. Or the worst case scenario is when your doctor tells you that your sugar levels or cholesterol are through the roof.

It may be hard to implement change at first. The beginning is always the hardest but it only takes a short time to get used to a new lifestyle. You don’t have to do everything perfectly right from the beginning, but what counts most is your effort!

And as much as the excitement in the first few days will keep you going it may wear off in a week or two. What will be most important then, is not the fact that you signed up to the gym or have only kale in your fridge, but the willingness to start new habits and stick to them. That is where cultivating a habit of eating healthy meals will become the thing that will get you to the finish line.

5 Easy Ways To Eat Healthy Meals Every Day, Every Week

1.Design A Weekly Healthy Meals Menu


Our first tip on how to build a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy meals is to design weekly meal plans. It will help you in being consistent. Not just because you have to do the groceries and you will feel guilty if you let things go bad in your fridge.

Planning out a menu will also allow you to better balance your nutrition throughout the week. Planning last minute dinner usually in the store, when you are already starving, will never give you an incentive to cook healthy unprocessed food.

When you plan in advance you not only save time on daily shop runs but also gives you an opportunity to arrange a variety of different foods. It is also important to plan less meaty meals and more fish and seafood into your weekly dinners.

Having all the things on paper will give you a good overview of how many times a week you eat certain meals that are more carb oriented, meat or seafood oriented. That way you can keep not only a daily supply of nutritional values but a weekly one. 

2. Meal Prep For A Week In Advance

food preparation

Another great way to make sure that you eat healthy meals is to meal prep for a whole upcoming week. I would recommend doing that with healthy lunches. Most of the time you just get too busy during the week and that is when the healthy eating goes out of the window. 

Making a healthy meal prep is easier than you think. An easy way is to make a few portions of a similar dish. You can make many different salads with a bunch of the same ingredients. Swapping out one or two ingredients at a time will make it different.

Put everything in the boxes and into the fridge. That way every day you just take a ready-made lunch and spend an hour or two on the weekend when you have more time to spare.

3. Get Yourself Educated On Different Types Of Healthy Foods


One of the major steps, when you’re starting eating healthily will be to knowing what it actually means. There are many blog posts, videos on youtube and books that can get you sorted in this department.

Learn which foods are not only nutritious but also beneficial for the special needs of your body. Whether it’s about losing weight or getting your sugar levels down there are many different foods that can help you with your goals.

You may be surprised by how many delicious foods are actually very good for you. This way you will not have to swap delicious for healthy but have both!

4. Speak With A Nutritionist Or Healthy Meal Planner


If you think that it will be too hard to go on this healthy meal journey by yourself, there are many specialists who will help you achieve your goals. Nutritionists, like our own Chef Marie, can get you sorted with everything that your body needs to be healthy. 

There is no shame in asking for help. Some of us need an extra push to help us eat healthy meals. So if you really care about getting to your ideal weight this may be one of the best solutions.

It is also a great choice for those of you, who have already tried to eat healthier on your own but it didn’t work out. Having someone monitor your progress and make sure that you’re eating exactly what you need, may be the key to the success. 

5. Healthy Meal Delivery Services


This may be the last but it is definitely one of the nicest ways to eat healthy meals is to try a ChefXChange healthy meal delivery service. We all love take outs and now you don’t have to choose between healthy or getting a yummy take out. With a meal delivery service, you will receive your perfect healthy food delivered to your home or office.

This is a great choice for those of you who really struggle to make time for cooking, planning and grocery shopping. All you have to do is sign up and enjoy your freshly made delicious meals. You may be curious about how it differs from grabbing lunch out.

First of all, the meals are prepared with your needs in mind. If you want to lose weight than you can get an appropriate calory intake per day and not have to spend hours reading labels yourself. Secondly, the food is freshly cooked for you by a specialist Chef.

That makes it not only amazing in taste but also made from fresh ingredients and without using any processed foods. It is not only about the calories that you eat but also about the quality of the food. 

If you want more advice on how to start you healthy eating journey check out our 60 Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work To Lose Weight. For food inspiration have a look at our amazing Private Chefs, they are always cooking delicious and healthy food!