Edible Ice Cream Bowls

Ever had an ice cream sundae that was so good that you swore you could even eat the bowl? Well now you can. Edible ice cream bowls are the best thing that happened to ice cream since waffle cones. Let’s take a look at some of these edible creations.

Brownie Bowls

Brownie bowl

Brownie Bowl

Who doesn’t love crumbled brownie bits on their ice cream? To make these brownie bowls you will need to bake your brownies individually in a cupcake or muffin pan and then use another pan. The other pan will press the batter into the bowl shape. Check out how to make them here.

Sprinkles Bowls

Sprinkles bowl

Sprinkles Bowl

This one is fun to make and you can have your kids help you with it too. All you need is some white chocolate, sprinkles and balloons! Simply dip the inflated balloon in some melted chocolate, leave it to harden and pop the balloon. Check out how to make it here.

Chocolate Chip Cookie cups

Chocolate chip Cookie bowl

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowl

To make a chocolate chip cookie bowl you will need a muffin/cupcake pan as well. But you won’t be using the same technique as the brownie bowl. Turn your pan upside down and spread the dough on top of it in a way to create a cup shape. This is how to do it.




It’s a hot summer day and plain old ice cream will simply not do. Next time you reach out to the back of your freezer for a tub of ice cream, don’t scoop it into the bowl. Get that cold cantaloupe from the fridge, slice it in half and use it as a bowl.

Cinnamon Sugar Tortillas

Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Bowls

Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Bowls

For this edible bowl, you will need flour tortillas and individual ramekins.  The tortillas are flavoured with cinnamon and sugar. Take a look at the recipe here.

Fruity Pebbles Bowl

fruity pebbles

Fruity Pebbles

Kind of like a Rice Krispy Treat, this recipe uses a Fruity Pebbles and marshmallows mixture and molds them into a cup/bowl-like form. The colorfulness of the end result is simply too cute to eat.