England Vs Australia Round 2 The Food Round

Following on from the Rugby match where England went head-to-head with Australia, another match has been struck between the two, where they are going head-to-head with food.  The rematch is on to see if England can regain themselves after their dramatic loss and exclusion from the World Cup.  

They compete in terms of food they grow. England is renowned for their strawberries, asparagus, Hereford beef and Cumbrian lamb.  They excel in all these types of food due to Englands cool climate.  Austrailia has a much more diverse climate, which leads to more diverse food.  Australians cook with a large infusion of ingredients stretching from as far as Eastern Europe.

They compete in their history of food.  English food also has a long history, with cookbooks dating back to the 15th Century, but Austrailia too can compete with their Aboriginal cooking techniques and ingredients such as kangaroo and sow thistle.  

They also compete with their Chefs.  British Chefs are opening restaurants in Australia as Rick Stein has a restaurant in Sydney and Heston Blumenthal is also opening one soon. However, England also gets their share of Oz Chefs such as John Torode from Masterchef.  Australian young Chefs want to work in England, but English Chefs too take inspiration from Australia’s easy mixing of East and West flavours.

For the moment, the match is still on but we have out bets on the British, and if you need inspiration for your next British classic dinner take a look at Chef Daniels menu.

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