How To Plan And Organise Your Event Catering For 10 Guests Or More

Event catering for 10 guests or more is a little more difficult than an intimate gathering.  More effort needs to go into the planning, decoration and food.  But don’t let that put you off.  If you follow our simple tips you will be able to throw an amazing event, with minimal stress.  We take you through the planning, the event space, the food and enjoying yourself.  Keep on reading to make your event effortless.

How To Plan And Organise Your Event Catering For 10 Guests Or More

Our tips can be used for any of your events that you are throwing, whether it be a baby shower, a bachelorette, a wedding, a birthday, or just an excuse to get your friends together.  All these tips are transferable.  Having a party is always great fun, a lot of people opt for an intimate dinner party because they only really have to worry about a small selection of food.  Some people think that a larger event is too much hassle because you need to consider more decorations, like flowers, and having a larger space.  But, when you get your friends and family together and you’re reminiscing, that extra effort is worth it.  That’s why event catering for 10 guests or more is so popular.

The food becomes a bigger worry too when you are catering for 10 guests or more.  You have to consider having a sit-down dinner, or something you can have whilst standing.  The more people you invite the more dietary preferences you will get.  There are endless worries, but we’ve made event catering for 10 guests or more very simple!

How To Plan And Organise Your Event Catering For 10 Guests Or More

1 – Write A Time Plan


Our first tip is to create a complete time plan.  Write a list of everything that needs to be done, from sending invites, ordering flower arrangements and cleaning.  If you create a list you will be sure not to forget anything.  You can always add additional things to the list as they pop into your head.  We always create our lists in our cloud, so we can add to it no matter where we are.  Once you have listed everything that needs to be done, group them into days.  What needs to be done on the day of the event, what can be done the day before, the week before etc.  Try and limit what needs to be done on the day so that you are not too stressed, and make sure you have enough time to get yourself ready.  Stick to these deadlines, and if you miss a couple don’t worry.  We know your event will be flawless.  If you need help getting started, take a look at our party planning checklist.

2 – Decide & Hire A Space Or Venue 


Once you have created your time plan it’s important to book your event space.  You need this to be one of the first things you do, as event spaces get booked quickly, and you can’t have your event without a space.  One of the most important factors in booking the space is understanding the size of your event.  Once you’ve decided on the size of your event then find the perfect space.  You might find that your house is large enough, and then that way you can spend more money on the food.  Just put aside a little money for a cleaner, there’s no reason you should be planning the whole event as well as cleaning your house!

3 – Create A Theme


Once you’ve found your venue decide on a theme of the party.  This is important so your guests know what to wear.  And also important so you can decide on the menu.  For example, if you are throwing a birthday party and that person was born in the 1980’s, you could have an 80’s fancy dress party and have food in keeping with the theme.  Or if you are having a baby shower and the baby is a boy, you could have a blue themed party and have blue themed food.  The opportunities really are endless, and if you put detail in the food your event will be unforgettable.

It’s also important to decide on a style of food, do you want a high-end seated dinner party?  Do you want a casual dinner party with sharing bowls?  Do you want a buffet, a canape party?  There are many different options.  

4 – Decide On A Budget For Food


Now that you’ve decided on your venue and theme, you should have an idea of how much money you have to spend on food.  Typically a seated dinner party per person will be more expensive than a buffet.  And a hot buffet will be more expensive than a cold buffet.  

5 – Start Speaking with Caterers or Chefs

Making sushi

Event catering for 10 guests or more can be stressful, so you might consider hiring a caterer or a Chef.  Once you know how much money you have to spend on food, it’s time to search for a caterer that fits your budget.  You can search our large list of caterers and view their menus.  Or if you need some recommendations email  If you’re having a large event, 50 people plus, then a caterer is the best idea.  If your event is smaller, then you’ll find that a Chef may be able to cater this alone. 

6 – Decide and Fix the Catering Menu

Chef preparing food

 Give the caterer or Chef all the information and ideas you have, and work with them to create the perfect menu for you.  They will be able to advise you on how much food to have and which kind of catering is best for you.  If you want more help then read our post on sit down dinner party vs buffet dinner party to understand which style of menu is best for your event.  Once you have fixed the menu with the Chef, pay online to confirm the booking.  Don’t worry, you can still edit your booking after payment.

7 – Decide on Staff e.g. Waiters & Bartenders


Now that you have fixed your event catering menu it’s time to decide on the staff for your party.  A lot of our caterers offer different options.  They can provide full staff for your event, where they will be on hand to serve the food.  Or you can select an option without staff.  Where the caterer would just deliver the food.  You can have a mix between the two, you could just hire some waitresses to serve the food.  Something else you might consider in a bartender, you could have them serving some fancy cocktails as your guests arrive, to really set your event apart from the others.  Take a look at these cocktail ideas to give you some inspiration.

8 – Enjoy Your Event


Now that everything is planned you can enjoy your event!  Make sure there are minimal things to do on the day so that you can enjoy yourself.  After all you’ve done all the hard work, it’s time that you had some fun.

We hope our tips on event catering for 10 guests or more will make your next event effortless.  If you need more help then browse our blog, or get in contact with us.