A lot of people create blogs and Instagram accounts with the aim of making a business out of them. Some of these people are capable of creating great content and attracting thousands of followers. However, we might question their true feelings for the food when they tell us that they don’t share any content if they are not sure to get something out of it. 

Our next Foodie is definitely a passionate foodie! She really does love Food and she enjoys sharing whatever she tries just for the fun of it. Her name is Tala and what you are going to read here is the story behind her incredible Instagram account “TALA VIEWS“.

ChefXChange Food Aficionados Series #8: “Tala Views”

Tala Khansa‘s real objective in life is to become a teacher at a university. She loves to learn and wants to teach her future students the power of knowledge. With this aim, she is now a MA student. Although food blogging is a hobby of hers, she is enjoying it to the max and it is always a great pleasure for her to share the pictures of what she is eating. Travelling and hiking are some of her other hobbies and both can help work up an appetite. Hence, it is not only new culinary journeys that she likes to explore but new physical journeys too.

Her lifestyle was the trigger of her Instagram account. The more she discovered new places to eat, the more she wanted to talk about it and give reviews to other foodies. The name of her page is a combination of her love to discover new places to eat and the joy she gets when she sees a beautiful view. 

Following is a picture of her appreciating her favorite food: Burgers!

tala eating

Inspiration & Motivation

Tala is what we call a “Burger addict” and she prefers salty food to sweet desserts. Her tummy is clearly what motivates her in her foodie journey. She likes food so much that she started taking cooking and baking classes in the hospitality department of LAU!

When she started posting reviews and sharing pictures, she wasn’t expecting such a huge success. 
She took the task of reviewing as a real avocation and when Zomato found out, they contacted her. She is now one of the privileged foodies of Lebanon who gets to go to every “Foodie meet up”! 

Tala is so inspired by edible materials that she decided to analyze the language around food, how people mix different languages and the differences in food descriptions. Her thesis subject is actually about this. 
Her followers keep giving her great comments and support to motivate her. Besides, plenty of restaurants invite her to give her review and post about their food. We are sure that it makes her the happiest foodie on the planet! Well, who would refuse free and delicious food ?! 

She shared with us one of her signature burger pictures. Here again her two favorite hobbies, food and landscapes are reunited. This shot is really amazing and was taken by Tala in Beiteddine, in a cozy guest house called “Bouyouti”.

Beiteddine burger

We asked Tala about her ‘favorites’…

Tala loves new culinary experiences , no matter what kind of food she tries. Although her love for burgers is at a higher level than for other food, one of her favorite places to eat is “SteakBarSushi”. Our foodie usually prefers to eat out in order to try new things.

We asked her to tell us what her dream destination is for food. She responded that she already went to her dream destination, which is the USA. Indeed, as a burger addict, she had the chance to taste the most fatty and juicy burgers imaginable. When she was there, she also discovered what is now her favorite restaurant: “IN and Out Burger”. She also told us that her next food destination is Europe. She wants to eat authentic Italian pizza and also gourmet French cuisine and specialties of Amsterdam like cheese. 

If Tala was stuck on an island with only three ingredients she could pick to survive, there is no doubt she would choose a burger, fries and diet coke! She mentioned that she likes all types of food and tries everything. However, she is not afraid to eat weird things and if stuck on an island she would take it as a new experience!

Hidden behind Tala’s burger addiction, is her sweet tooth: her love for pain perdu as dessert. Besides her fondness for food, she also has a favorite food blog which was also created in Lebanon. She likes “Daddy Foodie”, another fan of burgers, who likes cooking and who shares interesting and funny posts.

In April 2018, Tala views, will turn 2. Go check it and you would love the way Tala immerses herself in the pictures!

Tala on Chefs and Foodies…

What would you like to see in a chef? – “That he enjoys the cooking experience as it will reflect on the food and the food will be good.”

How would you define a true foodie? – “An honest person who actually eats everything he takes in pictures and who shares honest experiences to give the right recommendations.”


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