ChefXChange’s Food Aficionados Series #4: F. The. Diet!

People have a hard time following a good diet and staying fit and healthy. Some of them succeed and the others just suffer. There are also people that just can’t be bothered and want to enjoy good food without even thinking about a diet! This is the spirit of our next food aficionado “F.The.Diet “!

ChefXChange’s Food Aficionados Series #4: F.The.Diet ! 

First of all, let us introduce you to our latest food aficionado, Karl Abi Aad. His passion for fatty food inspired him to create an Instagram account called F The diet where he shares pictures and his enthusiasm for food. Karl wanted to share his passion for unhealthy yet appetizing and greasy food by concentrating on the display (Food Styling) and photography. 

The story behind the Instagram page name is: “as it says, staying away from the diet in other words”, so says Karl. 

Meet the food aficionado, Karl, eating a burger while floating in the Dead Sea: 

Inspiration & Motivation of The Food Aficionado 

Karl has learned to stay away from the cliche. By staying original he has been able to gather and keep a large following on social media.  Comments and engagements on each of F.The.Diet posts (by fans to be precise) are Karl’s motivation to keep the page up and running on social media. 

We are not surprised that a person like Karl, who adores fatty food, would have a giant burger picture as his favorite. This burger with layers of melting cheese should do the trick!

Our heart is definitely melting too!  It may be time to F.The.Diet ourselves!

Cheese Burger

We asked Karl about his favourites …

We asked Karl about his favourite culinary experience,  he answered:” Meat Roasting, it’s a pleasure!”

Surprisingly, he hasn’t had to face a bad culinary experience in his life…How did he get away with that?!  He really enjoys eating raw or grilled fish. But if Karl had to choose 3 of his favourite ingredients, it would be meat, cheddar cheese, and jalapeños. He tends to steer clear of dried raisins and Olives. 

This food aficionado’s favourite cuisine is Italian, and his least favourite is Lebanese! With all this fatty food in his life, his favourite dessert is Créme Caramel. Honestly, who can resist such a dessert? 

Italy is Karl’s dream food destination because it’s the land of pizza and pasta.  “Five Guys” is his favourite restaurant, which is not shocking at all given how he fancies his burgers! He prefers eating at home: ” I love homemade food”

“Dennis the Prescott” is Karl’s favourite blog because it shares delicious food recipes that he is interested in.  He only cares about delicious food! 

Karl on Chefs and Foodies…

What would you like to see in a chef? – “His passion for serving you food

How would you define a true foodie? – “Being blindfolded and trying dishes while describing its ingredients”


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