The Food Aficionados Series #5: Spoon To Mouth

To be a foodie is just a saying, but being a real foodie means spreading the passion and love for food.  It is hard work. Foodies are creating blogs and platforms which are attracting large audiences for a good read and advice. It is not easy to maintain the interest of an audience of followers who interact with the food pictures that foodies share. The food aficionado Hoda Chmaitilly is a perfect example of a successful foodie that has her audience’s ear (and stomach) in rapture on her Instagram Page SPOON TO MOUTH“. 

ChefXChange Food Aficionados Series #5: “Spoon To Mouth”

The food aficionado Hoda Chmaitilly is a young lady that is currently a student at AUB (American University Of Beirut) majoring in business and concentrating on Accounting. She is a sports lover and she loves extreme sports like bungee jumping and crazy water experiences… She traveled from Petra to London passing by Antalya. Her food page Spoon To Mouth on Instagram was created 3 years ago and currently boasts 17K followers. Her obsession with food inspired her to get into food blogging! Blogging is her hobby. 

We asked Hoda why she called her page Spoon To Mouth? “It’s just a random name that popped in my head and then I decided to start my blog”

Food Aficionados Spoon To Mouth

Inspiration & Motivation

FUN is one of the main factors in Hoda’s food blogging journey. In addition to simply enjoying sharing her food inspirations, one lesson she has learned from blogging is to compete with others. This is especially relevant nowadays as blogging has become really competitive with social media creating new opportunities for online users. 

Hoda thinks that she doesn’t need to motivate her self to keep running her blog. She loves her page and she will keep posting on it as long as she has this passion in her. 

One of the best pictures that Hoda has ever took and posted on her page was the dessert pictured below from Entrecote Restaurant, “Vacherin Chocolat“.Check below for this breathtaking shot!  Brain freeze here we come!  

 Vacherin chocolat

A dessert in Entrecote Restaurant.

We asked Hoda about her ‘favorites’…

Hoda has had a lot of great culinary experiences, for example, Ferdinand (resto-pub) has a special place in her tummy: “It is definitely the place with delicious dishes (burgers, sandwiches, appetizers) amazing staff and great ambiance!”

Her worst culinary experience was eating sushi at a place that is currently closed, it was called Sticks and Maki. “The sushi tasted so so so bad” Hoda mentioned. 

This food aficionado’s favorite cuisines are French and Italian, and her least favorite cuisine is Indian. Her favorite dessert is Pain Perdu… à la Francaise! 

We asked Hoda if she was stuck on an island and she could only choose three ingredients to use in her food! What would she pick? she answered: “Chicken, rice & milk”

Hoda’s favorite food blog other than her own is “Cravings in Lebanon”. This food aficionado’s dream food destination is New York or Dubai! In her opinion, they have some of the best restaurants in the world. But for the food itself, she mentioned:”I’d love to find myself in Italy eating pizza and pasta every day!”. Hoda couldn’t decide on her favorite restaurant, we think she has so many in mind that she couldn’t pick just one! Food lovers always face this problem. We understand your case Hoda!

This passionate food aficionado loves to eat home food but at the same time, she loves to try out new restaurants! 

Hoda on Chefs and Foodies…

What would you like to see in a chef? Passion”

How would you define a true foodie? Passion”


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